An open letter to Second Semester Seniors

by Amelia Enns

Humor Editor

Dear LGHS,

Senioritis. Everyone knows what it is. You spend all of high school, and probably some of middle school, complaining that you’re already experiencing it, you’re already losing your motivation, and you’re already done with school. You enter senior year claiming you’ve never felt this lazy and had this little care for your schoolwork. Then, second semester senior year hits you like a truck.

To be honest, I’m guilty of the transgressions above. As an angsty middle schooler, I complained about finals (which I didn’t have) and compared eighth grade to senior year. After finishing junior year, I knew my motivation had decreased and I was antsy to graduate, but I tried to stay determined and go into senior year with a good attitude. After all, I knew that Ms. De Soto’s research paper was going to tear me to shreds, tell me I’m ugly, and laugh at my pitiful attempt at writing. I finished first semester. I stayed strong. But nobody can prepare you for what being a second semester senior, or SSS, is really like. 

You wake up in the morning. It’s 7 AM. You think to yourself, “do I really need a good spot in the senior lot?” You ultimately decide it’s not worth it and roll over to sleep for 30 more minutes. You wake up again. It’s 10 AM. You slowly begin to dress without feeling the slightest bit of anxiety about missing school. You flashback to sophomore year where school felt so important; even missing five minutes of chemistry to go to the bathroom was debatable.

You roll into third period for the last 20 minutes, then realize you can go home because you don’t have a fifth. You sit back in your car and realize you should probably go talk to your first period teacher just in case you missed anything important. With the passing thought of “I’ll just email them,” you drive away. Upon returning home, you consider doing yesterday’s homework, then immediately laugh and text your snapchat group chat to ask if someone can send the answers.

It’s not a joke. Underclassmen, you may read this and think “haha… I do that,” but honey, let me tell you, you do not. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of unmotivated underclassmen who regularly browse Slader and read Sparknotes. I was once one of you. Second semester senior year is different. You’ve spent most of your high school career planning to go to college or to work and once second semester hits, you realize that maybe that taboo gap year isn’t such a bad idea.

I just want to say good luck. Freshies, you can ignore this – you don’t get it yet. Sophomores, don’t worry because AP Euro really is the hardest AP class (sorry STEM nerds). Juniors, oh boy, please take the SAT or ACT early. It’ll save you. And to my fellow seniors, we can do this. Graduation is only 112 days and five or six C’s away.


A friendly SSS


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