El Gato Staff: 2019-20

Staff Advisor – Doug Garret

Editors-in-Chief – Austin Yung, Jamie Blough, Morgan Tinsley, and Madeline King

Public Relations Managers: Nick Borgia and Quincy Marks

News Editors – Alaina Fox, Maddie Dewhirst, and Sonali Muthukrishnan

National/World Editors – Cooper Bowen, Sofia Rossi, and Revanth Rao

Humor Editors – Wilma Wei and Amelia Enns

Editorial Editor – Ethan Sanders

Center Editor – Delaney Brown

Opinion Editors – Esther Sun and Jenna Roselli

Culture Editors – Sami Elizondo and Alia Arafeh

Sports Editors – Sasha Ryu, Senji Torrey, and Lucy Holland

People Editors – Lexi Kupor and Jackie King

Graphic Designers – Caroline Wagner and Emerson Morley

Media Production Editors – Sophie Sullivan, Alis Patterson, and Liam Hoole