Students Write Messages of Gratitude to Their Favorite Teachers

by Sofia Rossi

Local News Editor

As the school year comes to an end, El Gato News asked students to reflect on impactful educators at LGHS.

Kristen Austin 

“I’ve had Ms. Austin for two years and have had the honor of witnessing first-hand her amazing ways of connecting with students, and connecting students with each other – Birthday buddies, Enneagram tests and interviews to say the least! I’ve learned so many insightful things all while having lots of fun. One of the best teachers in my whole time at school!”

— Ariana Duckett, Junior

Blaine Bowman

“Bowman is truly one of a kind. On the first day of school, I had him virtually, and I knew that this year would be one I would never forget solely because of how much effort he put into making us feel welcome from our own homes. He is humorous, kind, articulate, and so much more, and I appreciate everything he has done for his students.”

— Georgia Kaufman, Sophomore

“Only 1-3 sentences?! I hate English with a passion, but I always looked forward to his class. He was funny and passionate and there was never a dull moment. He is also such an advocate like you can’t help but feel safe in that room. Even though I got a C on every essay I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.”

— Anya Setziol, Junior

Merryl Buric

“This past year, I’ve dealt with a variety of struggles — some common and some personal — and for every single one, Mrs. Buric has been there for me. She’s consistently been understanding and sympathetic, making it clear she genuinely cares, and she greets us with such warmth and enthusiasm that I look forward to coming to class. I don’t know how I would have managed without her, and I’m so grateful for her and all that she does.”

— Alaina Fox, Senior

Michele Drouin

“Ms. Drouin, I never thought I’d understand derivatives for as long as I lived. The fact that I passed your class should be indication enough that you’re an incredible teacher—it would’ve taken a miracle had it been anyone else teaching me. I hope you know that, even though I remember absolutely nothing from your class, I will never forget you :)”

— Sofia Rossi, Senior

Tom Hughes 

“Mr. Hughes makes AP Euro bearable. In addition, he is funny and makes history entertaining. He always has our best interests at heart; THANKS.”

— Maggie, Sophomore

Liv Johnson 

“Ms. Johnson is soooo sweet and makes everyone feel welcome inside of her classroom. She is the type of teacher you can talk to about anything.”

— Steven Dandurand, Junior

Kay Mount 

“Kay, I don’t know where I would be right now if I hadn’t been assigned to your 11th grade English class. You’ve been there for me through some of my most difficult times in high school, and the kindness and wisdom and happiness you’ve brought into my life have given me so much strength. You are a blessing to all of your students and one of my greatest inspirations. I will never be able to thank you enough for all that you’ve done.”

— Sasha Ryu, Senior

Paddy O’Regan 

“I was in your Spanish class as a freshman and even though it was four years ago, I still remember how comforting and encouraging you were. Your warmth and positivity is contagious and I always felt safe and supported in your class. Thanks for making my freshman year a little less scary :)”

— Anna Leith, Senior

Kathy Palma 

“Hi, Mrs Palma! First of all, I would like to thank you for everything that you have taken on during this difficult year. I know it was not easy trying to teach us the material without the regular labs and demonstrations. However, I truly appreciate the effort you have shown to help us comprehend and learn the contents for the class. Although Zoom was difficult, I hope this transition back to school is hopefully a little less stressful. Thank you so much for everything you have done for your students. We really appreciate you!!”

— Jiwoo Hong, Sophomore

Stephanie Pearson

“Mrs. Pearson is one of my favorite teachers that I’ve had in a long time. AP Euro is a really difficult class and she is always doing her best to make it less stressful. She dedicates so much of her free time to helping us and we can all tell she truly cares about her students.”

— Avery Adams, Sophomore

“Hi Mrs. Pearson, I really admire the way you have kept us in check throughout the classes, especially the days we have heavy content to learn and we are all stressed out. I am really grateful for the way you begin each class with a smile and encouraging words, it motivates me to start a good class period and to stay focused. I think I speak for all of us when I say you bring a lot of comfort in times of stress, and you have helped me get through the school year. Thank you for everything!”

— Jiwoo Hong, Sophomore


Christie Pacheco

“Ms. Pacheco has the biggest heart in the world. She’s so much more than just a teacher — she’s a role model, a friend, a constant source of support and understanding for her students. She’s been there for me and so many of my friends during some of our hardest times. She has such a huge impact on this school, and I can’t think of a more valuable person in our community than her.”

— Sasha Ryu, Senior

photos courtesy lghs yearbook, lghs

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