Suarez-Caballero triumphs in LG athletics

By: Saya Alvares 

Sports Editor 

Sophomore Regina Suarez-Caballero is truly passionate about all things athletic. From showcasing her water polo skills at the Central Coast Section (CCS) Varsity games to volunteering her time to assist other athletes for Los Gatos High School’s sports medicine program, Suarez-Caballero immerses herself in a world of athletics. Far from her only attribute, however, this sophomore has no limits to her interests. 

Moving to Los Gatos from Santa Clara and San Jose in her freshman year, Suarez-Caballero is a new addition to the Los Gatos community. She describes the move as “very, very scary,” as she had to battle new environments and changes every day. However, she explained her appreciation for her new circumstances as, “the water polo community made it bearable. I knew people because I played water polo with them during the summer and years before.” Competing on her club team for the past four years, Suarez-Caballero is a long-time member of the West Valley Water Polo Club (WVWPC). Playing for WVWPC also helped Suarez-Caballero acclimate to the Los Gatos Water Polo team, since Coach Donald Appleton leads both teams. 

Suarez-Caballero had an incredible Junior Varsity (JV) season; she started every game and contributed as a vital goal-scorer. After her coaches pulled her up for CCS, the sophomore continued to play well. Verbalizing the jump from JV to Varsity, she declared, “the intensity and skill level in the game was definitely the biggest difference.” Suarez-Caballero explained that one of her favorite water polo moments was when freshman Addison Townsend scored a goal during a season game against Lynbrook High School.

With an immense love for the water, it’s no surprise that Suarez-Caballero is also a part of LGHS’ swim team. The incredible team atmosphere is similar to that of the water polo team, Suarez-Caballero enjoys the co-ed familial aspect of this intense season — no matter how difficult. 

An athletics enthusiast, the sophomore explained that her interest in the school’s sports medicine program increases as she learns about the human body and its different muscles by actively treating fellow athletes’ injuries. Keeping her schedule constantly busy, she participates in the program after school before her water polo practice or whenever her schedule allows. This program has opened doors for a potential career in sports medicine, although Suarez-Caballero plans to keep all her options open when imagining post-graduation and her future.  

Suarez-Caballero values family immensely, especially as the youngest of five siblings. This sophomore has an acute interest in sharks, but not for the reason one may think; she got frighteningly close to one on vacation with her sister in Florida and is now obsessed with the creatures. The beach brings Suarez-Caballero the most joy, though she’s probably going to be found in Monterey or Carmel rather than Santa Cruz. With a love for blue and green, summer and winter, and hockey and waterpolo, she can never stick to just one answer, highlighting her chaotic and fun-loving personality. This ever-enthusiastic sophomore is always down for a sushi date or to just drive and chat, so make sure to say hi in the halls and you’re bound to make a forever friend. 

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