HUMOR: Gilmore Girls Heartthrobs Reveal Personality Traits

by Sonali Muthkrishnan

National/World Editor

Gilmore Girls is hands-down one of the best shows ever created, but it was Rory’s long list of admirers that cemented the shows’ icon status. While you’ve been mindlessly rewatching this comfort show, I’ve spent my minutes analyzing the boys who make an appearance. Your favorite boy from the show says a LOT about you as a person. While Rory’s actions in her romantic relationships were questionable, they garnered four appearances that were the most notable in the show. 

Tristan: You definitely have a great eye! While Tristan may seem super cute, his immaturity clearly overshadows his likeability. He is the epitome of the overplayed brooding teenage boy cliche, and if you want your very own non-vampire Edward Cullen, then Tristan is your man. To deal with a guy like that you must be a saint. As a person, you’re fiery and not afraid to fight back. While you refuse to admit it, you want to spice up your life with a little drama, and dating the school troublemaker is a sure way to shake it up. You’re passionate about those you care about, and you refuse to give up, even when they push you away. Good luck with this one; it’s going to be a wild ride!

Dean: We love a safe bet! If Dean was your favorite boy on the show, you clearly value comfort above all. Your favorite types of relationships are those in which you are not forced to grow or change in any way, which is an interesting philosophy. You fall for the seemingly “nice guys,” and you value loyalty above all. You’re into dating people who are about as interesting as wet cabbage, but I guess everyone has different tastes. It’s sweet and all that you’re a true romantic, but although you love the idea of a fairytale relationship, you’re definitely not looking for an adventure. You want a guy who would stick by you, no matter what – someone who might be a little TOO obsessive; lucky for you Dean is precisely that. 

Jess: Congrats! If Jess was your favorite boy on the show, you are definitely into bad boys. You love a challenge, and you find that complicated people are the most interesting. You can officially classify yourself as better than basic. In romantic relationships, you value passion above all. Morality is not your biggest priority, which is… concerning, to say the least. At the end of the day, you’re not afraid of a douchey attitude or other people’s expectations, which is certainly commendable. You love a tough exterior with a soft inside, and Jess definitely does not disappoint. Adventures are your favorite way to experience life, and you don’t get scared away by a large pile of drama. 

Logan: Woah. I mean, if Logan was your favorite, I’m so sorry! I don’t know what in your life has led you to make this clearly WRONG decision, but  it was not a good idea. Logan is the worst type of boy. He’s the type who would stand you up on a date. He would get you in trouble with your mom, but then sneak away before he’s forced to take some of the blame. You clearly need to reevaluate your life choices, and a smack upside the head couldn’t hurt. Good luck! You are entirely on your own.

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