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By: Michaela Thimot

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Equally passionate about both football and baseball, dedicated freshman Callum Schweitzer showcases what it means to be a true athlete. 

For the past nine years, Schweitzer has played on various travel and local baseball teams. Currently, he plays for California Club Baseball (CCB) each summer as a member of one of their travel teams. He has been a crucial part of the team for the past two years. Schweitzer got the opportunity to travel to Florida, Arizona, and many other places around California with CCB and will likely play again next summer. Until then, he plans to play for the Los Gatos High School baseball team.

Two years ago, Schweitzer joined the Los Gatos Longhorns football team along with many of his friends. After throwing a football around the yard for years with both of his older brothers, Schweitzer jumped at the chance to be a part of a real team. The moment he finished middle school he was already working on improving his football skills so he could be a strong contributor to the freshman football team during his first year of high school. His dedication paid off as LGHS Varsity football team pulled him up to play with them for the Central Coast Section (CCS) games. Schweitzer is thrilled about practicing and playing with the Varsity team because, he shared, “It’s nice to get up and have better competition.” 

Despite the typical rivalry between football teams, Schweitzer was excited to play against many of his former club teammates this season. The most memorable game for him was the freshman team’s win against Saint Francis. He explained, “It was just a lot of competition between friends, and the team played well. Plus, we got to win, so that was an amazing way to end it.” Although he isn’t sure which sport he wants to play yet, Schweitzer’s ultimate goal is to play one of the two sports at a college level. 

Growing up with two very athletic older brothers around the house made everything very competitive for Schweitzer, which helped him hone his athleticism. “Playing sports with them in the backyard has really pushed me and gives me really good competition and has helped me get a lot tougher,” Schweitzer explained. Over the years, his parents have both been equally as supportive as his brothers. His parents constantly push him to be better, regardless of if it’s with schoolwork or sports,which is his biggest motivation to succeed.

Schweitzer’s teammates describe him as being “a leader to everybody around him” and someone who always “helps out anyone who needs help on the team.” His loyalty and dedication will prove to be two of his biggest assets throughout his high school and college careers.

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