Sheth Sings Her Way Through Life

By: Ainsley Northrop

People Editor

Freshman Amiya Sheth is achieving notable success at Los Gatos High School through theater and singing. Despite it only being her first year here, Sheth is already making her mark at the school.

Regardless of her natural talent, Sheth is relatively new to musical theater. She explained that it was never her plan to join her first musical, saying, “I was actually forced by some of my friends to do it.” These persistent friends, among whom were fellow freshmen Ivy Osment and Mariko Okubo, eventually convinced Sheth to join the 2022 Fisher Middle School musical, Seussical. Since her debut as the Sour Kangaroo, Sheth has soared in all things musical theater. This past summer, Sheth wowed audiences in West Valley Youth Theater’s (WVYT) Freaky Friday as the lead, Ellie Blake. Even though COVID cut the production’s run short, this is Sheth’s favorite show in which she has performed. 

Although she has only participated in musical theater for roughly one year, Sheth has been a committed performer since she joined choir in the fifth grade. At the 2022 LGHS winter concert, Sheth performed the solo in Al Shlosha D’varim, in which all three choirs sang. She explained, “I was very surprised because I didn’t think [choir director Maricel Riley] would choose a freshman to sing that…I was very nervous.” When the time came to perform, Sheth delivered her solo beautifully and received explosive applause. She is looking forward to her future as a choir performer and cannot wait for the upcoming New York trip the department is taking. She explained, “I’m very, very excited to see a Broadway show…and perform with other schools.”

Most recently, Sheth auditioned for the LGHS school musical, The Lightning Thief. “I didn’t know what song I was gonna sing for auditions at first, so I had like three days to prepare [my audition song], I See Stars from Mean Girls.” Sheth explained the typical callbacks stress, saying, “I had to learn like three songs in less than 24 hours!” Sheth’s hard work paid off, and she received the role of Annabeth. “I was really surprised because I’m a freshman, and I didn’t think I would get such a huge role because of that. I’m pretty happy about [getting Annabeth], and I hope I’ll do her justice.”

In addition to her rising success in the theater and music departments, Sheth enjoys spending time alone, chatting with friends, and attending her favorite classes, which include Honors English and Concert Choir. She is also looking forward to adding vocal lessons to her growing list of activities. 

In her future, Sheth hopes to take AP European History to “learn about the world and different perspectives,” and to continue her path in theater at WVYT. One day, she even hopes to adopt a lizard. When explaining her goals, Sheth concluded “I really want to just take more time to not rush through things and experience them fully.”

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