Sophomore Katie Nelson Excels In Both Sports and Baking

By: Margo Rawlings and Brendan Moore

News and Sports Editors

Sophomore Katie Nelson is very adapted to the environment at Los Gatos High School. Not only is she active in sports at LGHS, but she is also involved in many extracurricular activities, including art, baking, and community service.

Nelson has embraced her LGHS spirit with her participation in multiple sports at the high school. She stars on the Los Gatos Girls’ Varsity Basketball team, as well as the Girls’ Varsity Water Polo team. She has played basketball for a couple of years, but this is her first year on varsity. Nelson is a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors, as well as of former Los Gatos water polo player Jackie King, who now plays for Stanford. When questioned about her experience with LGHS water polo, Nelson stated, “It was a great experience. I played varsity for the first year. I started only a couple of years ago, but I’ve just really found a passion for the sport. It’s so fun, and the team is just so great and supportive. And we had…fun tournaments and trips…everyone cares on that team.”

Nelson shines both inside and outside of the classroom, maintaining a 4.0 unweighted GPA even with her rigorous course load. Taking challenging classes such as AP European History, Honors English, and Algebra II Accelerated, she kept straight A’s throughout the fall semester while also playing a demanding sport. Although Nelson takes a variety of classes, she mentioned, “I really like AP Euro because I love my teacher, and I think it’s an interesting class. Even though it’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of fun.”

Aside from Nelson’s stellar academics and dedication to sports, she plays an active role in the Los Gatos community by operating her own baking business, volunteering her time to help others, and creating art in her free time. Over the summer, Nelson decided to channel her love of baking into a business. She created her own website, where she sells a variety of homemade cakes, pies, and cookies. When asked what her favorite cake to bake is, Nelson explained that she enjoys making flourless chocolate cake because of its delicious simplicity. She added, “Although I mainly bake cakes, I really want to try baking more French pastry and keep learning new recipes and techniques.” 

When she’s not busy in the kitchen, Nelson enjoys spreading her love for the community by helping others. She is part of the Helping Hearts Club at LGHS, an organization dedicated to giving back to hospitals and helping brighten kids’ stays. Nelson also frequently volunteers at soup kitchens and other similar charities. In her little free time, she enjoys following her artistic passions, which Nelson has been able to further this school year in her Art 1 class. Regardless of where she is, Nelson is always sparking positivity and being a great role model for her peers.

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