Campbell Takes the Lead in LGHS Choir

By: Ainsley Northrop

People Editor

Los Gatos High School junior Logan Campbell is thriving in the Choral Department and expanding her leadership skills daily. Whether through her musical talent, hard work, or kind attitude, she is sure to continue on her successful path.

Roughly nine years ago, Campbell joined choir for the first time and committed to it wholeheartedly. Over the years, Campbell has achieved immense success through the program, including singing multiple solos, placing in Coastal Region Honors Choir, becoming a member of choir leadership, and — most recently — helping to organize the Los Gatos Music Department’s gift wrapping fundraiser. “I originally planned a carwash, but that fell through, so I decided to do gift wrapping, which [LGHS Music Administrator Wendi Redo] helped me with.” Campbell and Redo worked hard to create sign ups for music families to volunteer, hang posters, and organize the fundraiser. Campbell explained, “We had to look at the schedule for finals and work around it…then we made the hours for volunteers like two hours each so that it wasn’t taking away their time for studying.” Campbell concluded that the fundraiser was a success, raising roughly 1,200 dollars to contribute to the spring New York trip, during which LGHS choirs will sing at Carnegie Hall.

Campbell particularly enjoys the community aspect of choir, and has made many friends through the program. When recalling some of her favorite memories with the group, Campbell described one event, “The San Jose State Invitational last year. [It] was really fun…a bunch of other high schools were invited and we all just sang our repertoire for upcoming choir events, and then we had a little workshop with the judges. It wasn’t stressful at all, which was what made it fun.” Another key memory she mentioned was when all three LGHS choirs traveled to perform in the WorldStrides Anaheim Heritage Music Festival. After the performance, students visited Disneyland, and attended the award ceremony. Campbell’s choir, Women’s Chorus, got first place in the women’s category.

When she is not in choir, Campbell enjoys practicing her music, painting with acrylics, working at her job as a lifeguard, or spending time with one of her nine pets, which include three dogs, one cat, and five chickens. Furthermore, Campbell has taken a liking to musical theater, and recently joined the school’s musical, The Lighting Thief. When describing how she took an interest in musical theater, Campbell explained, “My older sibling did it in middle school, so I was just like, okay, let me do it.” Campbell loves the social aspect of theater, as many of her friends are in the cast alongside her.

In the upcoming year, she is looking forward to taking AP Spanish as well as either AP Environmental Science or AP Biology, expressing particular interest in the field trip to Catalina Island the classes participate in. Campbell truly lights up LGHS with her kindness, work ethic, and apparent leadership skills.

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