Gadhia conquers band

By: Maya Gomez


Whether he’s jumping into the Los Gatos High School pool or marching on Helm Field with fellow band members, senior Abhishek Gadhia goes above and beyond in all of his endeavors.

Gadhia’s passion for the saxophone began in the sixth grade when he was finally able to pick up the instrument. “I had to wait until middle school, which was a little frustrating. I wanted to start in the fifth grade, because of the Pink Panther [theme song], but Van Meter didn’t offer saxophone lessons to fifth graders, so I played the trumpet instead.” Once he was finally able to get his hands on one, the musician learned to play several different types of the saxophone — alto, baritone, and soprano, which he truly mastered at LG. “I’ve been a part of every band we have to offer,” Gadhia revealed, “This year, I’m in Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, and Marching Band.” 

Despite trying his hand in several other bands, the musician truly found his place with the marchers, so much so that he applied to be a leadership member in his junior year. When sharing why he stepped up to be a section leader, Gadhia expressed, “I guess, it was just the people who were in the section at that moment in time that really pushed me [to apply.] It was coming out of our COVID season, and I realized ‘hey, maybe this is something I want to do.’” Gadhia continued, “You know, I’m really enthusiastic about Marching Band, I always have been. So I just figured, I have the spirit, I might as well give it a shot.” 

Aside from his personal passion for the band, his former section leader, LGHS 2021 Graduate Johnny Wilkens, is his biggest inspiration as both a section leader and a performer. “Johnny was so confident in his ability to play the saxophone, and it was something that he really was passionate about. Like he had a real, true passion for it, and that’s what made him so good… Johnny, he was always someone I really looked up to.”

When marching season concludes, Gadhia will be in the LGHS pool, preparing for swim season. While he now exclusively swims for the LG team, the athlete began competitively swimming around the second grade. As swimming and music have been huge parts of his life, it was no surprise when he found a way to merge the two. “You know, swimming is exhausting….but when you’re doing the sets, you kind of zone out, reflect on every decision you’ve made in your life, and just think. Honestly, you get a real knack for music, because there’s always that one song replaying over and over in your head to keep yourself busy and distracted.” 

Filled with determination, boldness, and dedication, this senior is bound to go far, wherever his path may take him. Make sure to catch Gadhia swimming laps in the LGHS pool or performing at one of the Jazz concerts before graduation this spring!

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