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Domas Reopens in Downtown Los Gatos

By: Jordan Park and Sam Gruetter 

On Oct. 6, the home goods store Domus reopened on N Santa Cruz Ave in downtown Los Gatos after 11 years of being closed. The store was previously located on the corner of W Main Street and N Santa Cruz Ave before moving to its new location in the center of downtown. 

On opening day, crowds of people lined up around the block, anxiously awaiting the reopening of the new store that was previously so beloved by many, and these crowds were not disappointed by the array of tools lining the brightly colored store walls. Owner Margaret Smith says that many customers tell her, “Domus is like coming home,” a heartfelt sentiment that encapsulates Domus’s impact on the Los Gatos community. 

The store operated from 1996 to 2012 before closing for more than a decade. The original store was much larger, standing at 8,500 square feet with more inventory. This new space is smaller, with only 4,000 square feet. However, the owners make use of every inch of the space, packing it with everything from elaborate Christmas ornaments to children’s toys and kitchen appliances. Smith commented, “It’s an amazing feeling to hear so many heartwarming stories about Domus gifts, kitchen gadgets, and seasonal items bought so many years ago and still used today.”

Smith is a longtime resident of Los Gatos who has contributed to the town’s culture and continues to support local businesses. She has locally sourced 33,000 products, from stationary to cookware, primarily from businesses owned by women, reported The Mercury News in a recent article covering the reopening. Smith stocked over 7,000 holiday products, which are quickly disappearing with the holidays approaching.  

In a recent interview with The Mercury News, Smith shared that when Ed Stahl, the building’s landlord, approached her to take over the empty storefront (previously Pharmaca) and turn it into Domus, her initial reaction was no. Then one night, Smith “passed by the Pharmaca store all shuttered and thought, ‘What if a retailer goes in there that I don’t like? How would I feel? I’m at the point in my life where I don’t have ten years to think about it.” She added, “I realized this is what people crave: a local store where they can shop hands-on. Some things you just don’t want to buy online.” 

Smith is absolutely thrilled to be back and welcomes any and all to her iconic store. Make sure to stop by Domus, located at 54 N Santa Cruz Ave! 

(Sources: The Mercury News)

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