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ASB Flea Market is a Success

By: Katie Nelson

On Nov. 9, tables covered the front lawn for the flea market put on by ASB. A new event at LGHS, the flea market allowed students to sell things like crafts, prints, jewelry, and clothes. The event gave students an opportunity to display their talent and artistic skills while raising money for City Team San Jose, an organization that helps fight homelessness. In all, half of the proceeds amassed by student vendors went to the cause. The only requirements were that the items be priced reasonably and under 20 dollars. 

The market was a win-win for both vendors and buyers alike. Not only did students get to purchase items for a relatively low price, but they also helped support their peers by purchasing their handmade things. Students made an up-front payment at the ticket booth in exchange for raffle tickets that they used to buy goods. With many different tables, a variety of things were available for purchase, from potted succulents to handmade bowls. The LGHS merch cart also made an appearance selling things for a discounted price. 

Many students used the flea market as a chance to increase club publicity and do club fundraising. For example, one of the clubs at the market was the Cats Crochet For a Community club, which got a lot of attention with an array of skillfully made crochet animals and clothes. Club representative Claire Kim explained, “we thought that the flea market [was] a good opportunity to sell our stuff and advertise our club and kind of get involved with the school as well.” Another group at the market was the Wildcat Review, the school literary magazine that publishes art, creative writing, photography, poetry, and more. Co-president of the Wildcat Review, senior Mia Clevenger said, “we came to the flea market to sell our magazines and it’s also a lovely advertising opportunity to bully people into submitting.”  

Many individuals also sold their wares to promote their small businesses and artistic pursuits. Sophomores Danielle Doepke and Anna Roos had a table at the market selling homemade pins. With cute and creative designs, the pins were a hit and many sold out quickly. Doepke said, “We made the pins out of wood. We cut them out on a laser cutter and we painted them with little paint pens.” She added, “we thought it would be a good idea to do the flea market to promote and it’s a great opportunity to learn about how to sell stuff.”

Overall, the flea market proved to be a fun and successful event, promoting student creativity while raising money for a good cause. 

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