Thursday Night Live 2016

by El Gato News

Guitars, drums, pianos, synths, and voices resonated through the LGHS Theatre on Thursday, January 28, as part of this year’s Unplugged.  The following are videos of the musical performances from the event, as well as a series of sketches from emcees Sarah Shaw and Rachel Keady. Special thanks to Sawyer Chadwick for supplying El Gato with a list of the performers and Center Editor Jessica Blough for filming the videos.


DoYaThing by The Deutrons


Valerie by Sabrina Burnett and Mr. Aguayo


I Want You by Jack Zukin


Blue Suede Shoes by Joseph D’Addio


Let it Go by Caroline Adamec, Annie Hall, and Sydney Kim


Cup Song by Alissa Fullerton


Big Me by Jack Livoni, Zach Miller, Wylder Robinson, and Spencer Ruble


A Secret Talent by Jacob Tsai


Love Yourself by Tessa Carroll and Connor Pfaff


Whatsername by Jake Bilchinsky


All I Ask by Katarina Kelly


I Want You Back by Mariana Altamirano, Bianca La Russa, Will Pittock, Ava Toren, and Grace Sells


Pretty/Unpretty by Devon Schreiner and Annie Tollick


Some Unholy War by Angie Kang and Teenie Noskowski


Discontinuity by Jeffrey Suzuki


Don’t Dream It’s Over by Jacquie Craig, Spencer Ruble, Nita Sabouri, Rebecca Briones and Grace Sells


Ain’t it Fun by Emma Fallside and Tatum Jenkins


Waiting in Vain by Jakob Alesandro and Teo Neimann


Feeling Good by Emma Gerson


She Will be Loved by Ryan Clarke and Annie Zavodnick


First Date by Blink One Gravy Stew


Sketches by Sarah and Rachel

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