LG’s got talent: art, photography, and music

by Elizabeth Monsef

Sports Editor


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Rebecca Goldman

My name is Rebecca Goldman and I’m 17 and in 12th grade.  My instagram username is @capturingeternity and I would change it, but I’m one of those people who is way too sentimental about everything, so I’m keeping the username kind of ironically. I’ve been taking pictures since I was really young, but only seriously since sophomore year. My favorite thing to photograph is people, mostly my close friends or little sister. Besides photography I pretty much just hang out with my family and my cats.




Angie Kang

I’m Angie Kang, 17 years old, and a little pretentious. I’ve been painting since I was four, about the same time that reruns of Bob Ross went back on on PBS. I find inspiration in unique art styles, exquisite prose, the sky’s hues, and the plethora of stories scattered in the stars above. With art, I aspire to write stories in layers of pain — I want to bring people together, connecting over one of my paintings or puzzling over a particularly strange creation that I probably don’t understand myself.

Currently, my favorite artist is urban sketcher Paul Madonna who writes unrelated, whimsy statements next to his art. He finds beauty in the mundane, painting sepia washes of an open expanse of sky and evoking pangs of feeling in his bold brushwork. I also adore watercolor painter Thomas Schaller, who simplifies his landscape and creates dreamy pieces with swipes of color.

My favorite movie is It’s Such a Beautiful Day, an animated movie about a stick figure named Bill, which I’ve watched at least seven times and still don’t completely understand. It’s a little strange, a little jarring, and incredibly beautiful. A little like life.




Check out Jacob’s Soundcloud!  https://m.soundcloud.com/mixedjesus

Jacob Alessandro

My name is Jakob Alesandro I recently turned 18 years old and I am a senior this year at lghs. I started to play guitar and write music in freshman year after school in mr smith’s room. I originally started performing folk and folk pop on local coffee shops and open mics in San Jose, but recently I have been working on acoustic music with an electronic or synth emphasis. My biggest inspirations for my music recently are Alex G, Spooky Black, King krule and josh pan. In addition to music I do track, martial arts and photography. My greatest performance would be an open mic I did at the San Jose rock shop because it was my first performance outside of school.




Julianna Pollifrone

My Instagram account is julessongmusic and I also use my YouTube (same account name) for uploading full-length videos of covers. I am a part of the class of 2016 and I love to write and started writing when I was 8 (singing since forever) and recorded my first EP last year and have been played on local radio stations (KFOG and Live 105). My favorite song might have to be There She Goes by The La’s 🙂 if I could travel anywhere it would probably be Nashville or Los Angeles.




Madison Janes

I’m Maddie Janes and I’m a senior at Los Gatos High School. I’m currently in Art 4 honors, but I’ve been creating art since I was little, mostly finger-painting murals on my mom’s white walls. My interest in art intensified freshman year after my first real art class and has since sparked my creative side. I focus on painting and drawing portraits of women, and I prefer to use oil paint for my medium. While it’s hard to pick a just one, my favorite painting is probably In Bed: The Kiss by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. The artist himself has an fascinating history and I find it interesting how that is shown in his art. What I love about art is that it’s completely inclusive, whether it’s enjoying art by creating it physically or just admiring it, everyone is able to be involved. My instagram is @madjanesart.



Adam Knauer and Griffin Nagel

We are both 16 year old juniors in the graduating class of 2017 at Los Gatos, and have been friends since we met in preschool. We have always loved to explore; from going to Chinatown for cool fireworks in 5th grade, to finding poison oak covered abandoned ghost towns in the middle of nowhere. The part that we love about photography and filmmaking is the adventure and experience that’s involved. There have been several memorable moments and locations, but our favorite was the search for a beach in Big Sur, or rather a safe way to it. We scaled a cliff under Bixby bridge with all of our camera gear on our backs, in order to reach a private beach paradise. After many close calls, we made it down and got our pictures, but getting back up was a different story. Photography and filmmaking are something we both see ourselves doing for years to come. Our joint instagram is @__surreality__.




Adam Knauer

My name is Adam Knauer, I am 16 years old and a junior in the graduating class of 2017. I have had a passion for art ever since I could hold a pencil. My family has always been artistic, especially my grandpa who was a fantastic artist. He is my biggest inspiration and taught me an appreciation for art. I hope to be able to continue pursuing and improving after high school. My instagram is @adamknauer1.



Sean Clark

I’m the mastermind behind Los Gatos’ only basset hound Instagram page! The account features sporadic visual updates on the lives of my three hounds: Vegas, Coco, and Pippy.My mom actually inspired me to make the account but couldn’t run it herself due to her lack of technical capabilities.  My hounds live a low-profile life that involves sleeping for 17 hours a day, only taking breaks to beg for food. Considering their fairly homogenous lifestyle, it can be hard to keep my feed diverse and engaging. The basset hound community is extremely supportive and I have a few loyal fans who closely follow my dogs lives. Ultimately, I love getting involved with the basset hound community and pretending like I’m famous. My instagram nusername is @hound.house!




Sierra Barsten

Hey, I’m Sierra Barsten and I’m a 17 year old senior. I’m currently a self-taught makeup artist, and I started my Instagram page during my junior year. I developed an interest in makeup artistry when I was in middle school, but that mainly consisted of me putting a stripe of eyeshadow from Claire’s on my eyelid and thinking that was the definition of makeup. I was pretty bad at applying makeup until I was a freshman, and I started doing other people’s makeup when I was a sophomore. I started with close friends for dances and events like that, but over the past two years working as a makeup artist, both my business and my passion for the art have grown exponentially. I now do makeup for complete strangers that find me on Instagram or through mutual friends, which is something I never thought I’d be comfortable with. I’m usually hired for photo shoots, fashion shows, and other special events similar to those. Thankfully, I’ve gotten a lot more experienced and skilled with makeup artistry since my amateur middle school days, and I hope that my career can continue to grow so I can continue to learn and be a makeup artist as an adult. Being a well known makeup artist in the industry takes a long time to achieve, so I’m planning on majoring in business in college to learn about marketing and communications in the hopes of one day being able to formulate my own brand of cosmetics. Outside of my job, I enjoy being outdoors and doing things like hiking, playing tennis, swimming, and traveling, along with eating a lot of food and singing in the shower. My instagram is @makeupbysierra_ !






 Visit Alex’s Soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/xelaeatyou

Alex Coady

My name is Alex Coady, and I’m a senior of the class of 2016. I’m going to be 19 in two weeks and I’ve been into music since I was a child. I would always listen to whatever albums were given to me on a CD player and it always fascinated me how human beings were capable of creating such wonderful sounds. I discovered my love for singing and guitar playing when I did my first talent show in 6th grade. It was a turning point for me at the time, as I played guitar restlessly by ear, never learning chords or rules. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 12 and I haven’t given up since. Only recently, in Junior year, did I grow a passion for making my own music. I used to record songs on my phone, which was kind of frustrating because the quality would be very poor and it really limited what I could do. I was inspired to put more effort into making music when I listened to Courtney Barnett’s debut album “Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit”. It was a fantastic album which not only developed a yearning for more music in my life, it also spawned a desire to work hard for my own creations. With the arrival of a decent microphone and a preamp, I’m now able to record songs easily. I recently have been making a lot of covers, covering songs by artists such as Gorillaz, Courtney Barnett, Arcade Fire, and Islands. I record in Garageband and upload to my Soundcloud. I recently made covers for a contest on Reddit, one of the songs featuring vocals with Jaydon Barnett. The process is very difficult. I often find myself not liking my ideas or not being able to work with anything I start. It’s frustrating to be so conscious of the art you make, but I feel like it’s a part of the process. I want to make something that not only I can be really proud of, but I also want it to change somebody’s view on life. I don’t know exactly in what way, but I hope I can make something that has a huge impact on someone. I plan on majoring in Music Composition and Recording Arts in college, and I’ve been looking at the music programs of several State Colleges. I hope to become a musician, but I can also live with working with sound in any way. I hope that one day, people will find my music and discover something new in their lives. Even if it’s only one person, that would make me feel like I succeeded.




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