Nelson describes her superstitions

By: Katie Nelson

Media Production Editor

I feel like every person has at least a few superstitions or lucky charms. At the bare minimum, a person often has a sentimental object that they rely on for good vibes. However, it wasn’t until recently that I took a step back and realized how much I stack up my superstitions to help make the forces of luck for a big game or test. When you look at how much I think about these things, I really do live my life in a pretty superstitious manner. This is very interesting because if someone asked me if I am a superstitious person, I would probably say no. This is because I do not actually believe in paranormal forces or the ability of inanimate objects to hold mystical powers, yet, I keep coming back to my list of good luck charms. Why do you do this if you don’t think it’s real, you might ask? The answer is I do not know, but I do know that my superstitions somehow give me comfort, even if they are weird. 

Of course, I follow all the traditional good luck charms. I will always pick up a lucky penny, regardless if it’s head or tails up because I can never remember which side is luckier. It does not matter if it’s half rusted and next to a pile of garbage, I will pick it up no matter what. In line at Trader Joe’s with at least ten people behind me? You know I’m still bending over and making a fool of myself. It’s worth it though — nothing is worse than walking past a lucky penny. 

I also wish on clock numbers all the time. If the numbers are all the same, then it’s lucky. 11:11 is the luckiest because it is the only digital clock reading that has a possibility of four identical numbers. I pay attention to it so much that I sometimes catch myself looking at my phone, waiting for a minute or two to pass so I can wish on a lucky few digits. Other little things like knocking on wood and crossing my fingers also appear often on my superstitious agenda.

I also have a series of complex pre-game rituals that must be followed in order to have a successful water polo game. For one, I have to dive into the pool: tippie toe testing is not allowed before a game (definitely allowed before practice though). Big games also call for lucky water bottles. When we play Paly and Harker, you will see me sporting my light purple bottle or my ombre blue Hydro Flask. Those are the only two options for those types of games, otherwise I assure you the game will go poorly and the world might just implode. 

During finals week my superstitions will be at an all time high. If a test goes well with one type of mechanical pencil, you know I’ll be using that one again. If I eat a snack before a test I get 100% on, I will make sure that snack ends up in my lunch before the next exam. 

Even though deep down I don’t think having superstitions does much, there’s no stopping me wishing for that extra luck on a big test or game because why not wish for some good things to come true? The world knows I could need some four leaf clover or pixie dust to fall on me sometime about now.

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