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LGHS Seniors Pick Up Caps and Gowns at Social Distancing Drive-Thru

by Sasha Ryu

Sports Editor

On Wed. May 6, LGHS admin and staff spent nine hours standing on the corner of High School Court, distributing caps and gowns to seniors and parents at a makeshift drive-thru. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, in-person school was cancelled after the second week of March, with over three months left in the semester defaulting to online learning. While several end-of-year LGHS events were terminated as a result of the closures, the administration still plans to host some form of a graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020.


Administrative Assistant Mariellen Furia greets seniors at the cap and gown drive-thru.


Herff Jones rep, Mike Rabagio, oversees the distribution of senior packages.


Leo the Lion shines under the afternoon sun, accompanied by a ‘We <3 Our Grads’ sign.


In place of the usual messages displayed on the school’s letter board, passersby can see a message of encouragement from the administration.


LGHS teacher and Boys’ Lacrosse Coach Chris Nespor arrives with his golden retriever to lend a hand (and paw) at the pick-up booth.


A Herff Jones employee sorts through a box of gowns.


Parents and students begin to filter through the pick-up station.


LGHS Senior Grace Longstreth waits in line to pick up her cap and gown.


LGHS staff members Mariellen FuriaDominique Hunter, Zasu Mazzafero, and Cathi Miezo guide incoming seniors to the pick-up station.


LGHS Senior Nihar Kongara prepares to show a volunteer his student ID.


Mr. Xavier Cook arrives at the drive-thru to help distribute graduation materials.


LGHS Senior Claire Lapp and her mother prepare to enter the drive-thru.


LGHS Senior Sydney Lynch and her mother wait in line at the drive-thru.


Brothers Gian and Peter Logerman smile for a photo while waiting in line.


Jan Lee and Julie Lee prepare to pick up their caps and gowns.


LGHS Senior Anton Josifovski smiles for a photo while waiting in line for his graduation materials.


LGHS Senior Philip Licup accompanies his mother to pick up his cap and gown.


LGHS Head Principal Kristina Grasty and Administrative Assistant Mariellen Furia greet seniors with a ‘We <3 Grads’ poster.


LGHS Senior Ella Kvamme poses in her USC sweatshirt while waiting in line at the drive-thru.


Senior Hari Bhattaru sits in her car while she waits to pick up her cap and gown.


LGHS Senior Kayleigh Khandelwal prepares to pick up her graduation materials.



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