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Students and Staff Members Share Personal Statements on Principal Grasty’s Upcoming Departure

by Sasha Ryu

Sports Editor


Principal Grasty starts a match tug-of-war at the Fall Spirit Rally (2019).

Throughout her life-long career as an educator, Kristina Grasty served her alma mater and its students with unwavering dedication. Perhaps that’s why, on Wed. Apr. 15, when she announced her upcoming resignation as LGHS Head Principal, many within the community found it difficult trying to imagine the school without her serving in this role. The impact Mrs. Grasty’s had – and will continue to have – can hardly be captured in one article; however, many students and staff members were eager to share their personal statements on the matter, and who am I, a lowly Sports Editor, to deny them?

Cathy Messenger

LGHS AP Biology and ASR Teacher, Dept Chair


Mrs. Grasty has provided me with inspiration and unwavering support as a department chair and science teacher. When I was starting Advanced Science Research and Mrs. Grasty was an assistant principal, she learned of the Valley Christian program to send an experiment to the International Space Station. She encouraged and supported me as I chose to mentor a team at LGHS through ASR and we launched an experiment studying the corrosion of iron to the ISS! This experience transformed my approach to ASR and led to significant engineering mentoring for my students from that year forward. In the last 5 years, Mrs. Grasty has brought increased NMF funding for our STEM programs AND brought an innovative cafeteria program to our school. These achievements will be part of her tremendous legacy as a Wildcat leader.”

Collin Coleson

LGHS Senior (Class of 2020)


“Ms. Grasty is an example to me. She is an incredibly kind, joyous, enthusiastically caring person. In my mind I hold her as something to aspire to, a star I guide by. She’s that awesome. In my time at LGHS, she’s been an ever-present source of positivity around school, and a major force behind why this school is so great. We’re very lucky to have had her as a principal, and as sad as I am to see her go, I am also very excited that she’s gonna tackle a PhD! Go get ‘em, Ms. Grasty! We thank you abundantly, and hope that we can be the wind in your sail for this next chapter in your life, as you have been the wind in ours for the last five years.”

Taylor Buchowski

LGHS Junior (Class of 2021)


“Mrs. Grasty was always so kind and [she] really tried to make connections with students. I was shocked when I received the email that she was stepping down, but I’m happy that she wants to do it for herself. She will be missed, though. I’d like to thank her for always making everyone feel welcome and saying ‘hi’ to everyone in the halls and on the front lawn. I admire how much she encourages school spirit and pride in going to Los Gatos. Thank you Mrs. Grasty! You will be missed.”

Keiki Sunderland

LGHS Junior (Class of 2021)


“Mrs. Grasty has been a wonderful resource for me when I’m feeling stressed or low- she always smiled at me and asked how I was doing when we crossed paths in the hallways, and it sometimes was the best part of my day to know that someone was looking out for me, even if indirectly. Her kindness and warmth made LGHS a better place for all. I am sad that she won’t play as large of a role in the LGHS community anymore, but I am happy that she recognized what she wanted to do and had the strength to step down in order to do it. I want to thank her for always caring for every one of us- it didn’t matter who we were or where we came from- we were all people to her, people with lives and beating hearts and emotions. She saw through the predispositions surrounding us and found the young, growing people inside. I admire how she has created a friendly and safe environment for all students. I admire that she was able to connect with so many of us in so many different ways, and I am amazed at how hunch effort she put into supporting us. She visited our classes and came to our games, and she lets us have fun and be young together. I wish her the best on her new adventure! I’ll never forget all that she has done for us, and I hope to continue seeing her around!”

Isabella Debling

LGHS Junior (Class of 2021)


“Mrs. Grasty made every aspect of school better. Her genuine and compassionate smile made my day.”

Toby Britton

LGHS Junior (Class of 2021)


“Mrs. Grasty’s always been super nice and she’s has always been there for all of the students. I’m sad [she’s leaving]. Although I didn’t know her very well, every encounter I’ve had with her was great. Thanks for being a great principal, Mrs. Grasty!”

Kelli Keady

LGHS Senior (Class of 2020)


“Mrs. Grasty has made me feel welcome and loved as a student at LGHS.”

Kurt Kroesche

English Teacher, Dept Chair, Head Swim Coach


“First and foremost, Ms. Grasty has always been a great educator.  Of course, she’s incredibly knowledgeable, but it’s her caring nature that sets her apart.  She strives to see the best in people and acknowledge that goodness. Even in the most difficult situations, at the end of the day, she seeks reconciliation between people and groups.  I know she will continue to employ her educational gifts for the benefit of students, parents, and teachers.”

Alex Duckett

LGHS Junior (Class of 2021)


“I loved having such a beacon of positivity as the leader of our school!”

Brady Akenbrandt

LGHS Senior (Class of 2020)


“Mrs. Grasty has been amazing in her support of the robotics team! I can’t thank her enough!”

Shalini Agrawal

LGHS Freshman (Class of 2023)


“[Ms. Grasty’s] given me the opportunity to work along side some amazing people in order to create a better future for our school. She makes people feel heard and gives them chances to really put their ideas in motion. She’s been an incredibly important part of my time so far at LG. She is extremely warm and welcoming, and a big part of why our school is as amazing as it is. I’m going to miss her, for sure. I appreciate how much time she’s devoted to the school, and how much she’s given the student body. I was sad when I found out, but she’s not leaving the school which is the silver lining in my book. I got the opportunity to work with her a bit, and I hope that I’ll be able to again. I remember the first encounter I had with her was sending a really long email about a presentation she gave in leadership. The presentations as about different statistics regarding the students at LGHS. I guess I wanted to thank her for reading that email and giving me a chance to do something. She’s very honest about everything, and is quite transparent when it comes to bigger decisions. She’s incredibly supportive of every one of her students. I can only speak for myself, but she made me feel so welcome. I honestly don’t know if for the past five years anyone has cared as much about this school than she has. No one has worked as hard as she has to make it amazing. She does everything with heart. I think that’s really all I have to say for this one. I could say a lot more, but I think the admiration stems from knowing she put her everything into what she has done for the past five years. Good luck to a wonderful principal! I’m sorry to see you go but hope that you get to do everything you want to do. It was wonderful to have you as a principal, and I hope that even though you’re stepping down you’ll still be around sometimes. We’ll miss you and wish you well :)”

Abby Ellis

LGHS Junior (Class of 2021)


“The thing I’ll miss the most is her smiling and saying hello whenever she saw me in the mornings.”

Kay Mount

English Teacher


“Mrs. Grasty has been instrumental in creating a more inclusive, caring, and accepting community.  Of course, the last few years for me have been full of anxiety and doubt as I planned to pursue my transition.  Mrs. Grasty has been a remarkable support for me as I “came out.”  She bolstered my confidence that I could successfully transition at LG High, and her assurances that the school would accept me gave me not only the push to make my transition real, but it also gave me the confidence to act. I am honestly saddened [that she’s stepping down] because I have so much respect for Mrs. Grasty as a professional and so much love for her as a friend. She is smart and committed to LG, and she also has an enormous heart.  Her care for students and staff is real, and her efforts and leadership have helped shape a more positive school culture. I want to thank her for her unwavering commitment to making LG a safe and productive space for all students and staff.  I want to thank her for her kindness, her generosity, her loving and positive spirit.  I want to thank her for her friendship, her professional confidence in me, and for believing in me when I was most afraid. I admire her courage and the way she balances caring with making the tough decisions that school principal’s often face. I admire her willingness to challenge herself and grow.  I admire her honesty, her integrity, and her optimism. Mrs. Grasty embraced me when I left administration and joined LG as a teacher.  She always made me feel that I belonged at LG and that I was making a difference for kids.  Mrs. Grasty wants to make a difference for kids, and I believe this is her focus when she makes decisions. I appreciate her receptivity, and her commitment to being a life-long learner. I am thankful she was the principal during my return to the classroom and especially during this monumental year of change for me. She has been a true friend, a stalwart support, and a trusted colleague.”

Maxine Evans

LGHS Senior (Class of 2020)


“She always brightened my day whenever I saw her in the halls because she would always smile and say ‘hi’ to me and I am forever grateful for all her support and work she put into making the best of everything.”

Alaina Fox

LGHS Junior (Class of 2021)


Mrs. Grasty has positively impacted my experience at LGHS more than I can possibly say. Her dedication to students’ well-beings shone through in everything she did, and I always felt like she truly cared about individual kids, not just standardized test score averages. Mrs. Grasty’s constant kindness made LGHS a welcoming environment where I always felt like I mattered and that people in positions of leadership were on my side. She always took the time to ask me how I was doing and really listen. When we talked, she asked about things I had mentioned in conversations from months before – passions, interests, extracurriculars, classes. Of course, I’m thrilled for her to have the opportunity to pursue something so important to her, and I wish her all the best. That being said, I’ll miss her greatly, and I really hope she’ll be able to stay at LGHS in a different position. The school wouldn’t be the same without her.

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