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Cinelux Fundraises for Los Gatos Schools

By Kate Gruetter

National/World Editor

On Jan. 19 the Cinelux Los Gatos Theatre hosted a private event to help fundraise for Los Gatos schools, while also bringing attention to the newly reopened venue. 

The establishment reopened on Dec. 28, 2022, welcoming guests through its doors for the first time in nearly three years. For two days, the theater showed free holiday films, including Elf and the Polar Express. Showings of Avatar: The Way of Water began on Dec. 30, 2022, and on Jan. 13 the venue welcomed a new movie to its screen: A Man Called Otto, which is still currently showing. 

The theater is happy to announce that, despite a brief screen issue upstairs, both screens are open for showings. The theater’s opening has left Los Gatos citizens and Theatre workers alike thrilled. 

Currently, the Los Gatos Theatre boasts a variety of snack items, and they hope to only add to their menu. Popcorn, ICEE, hot dogs, and candy are all available for movie-goers, and the staff plans to add alcoholic beverages, nachos, and ice creams to the list soon. They are also hoping to serve cafe items — like pizzas and pretzels — as soon as possible. 

The Jan. 19 event was the theater’s latest venture in reopening, and staff members hope it will remind Los Gatos residents that the theater is finally open. The event consisted of two showings of A Man Called Otto, one in Theatre Two upstairs and another in Theatre One downstairs. Although the sold-out event was nerve-wracking, the theater’s employees had a positive outlook on the stress of such a grand event. “I’m excited to work for an event and especially one that’s going towards a really great cause. I already enjoy working with the leaders and serving,” staff member and LGHS alumna Sumner Bruno shared. Another employee also working the event had a similar viewpoint,“I’m very excited. This is wonderful.”  

Area Director Chris Gunsky reports that planning the night was a fairly smooth process. “We worked with LGEF (Los Gatos Education Foundation) to set up this event tonight, [for] which all the tickets are donated to the Los Gatos Education Foundation,” the area director reported, thankful to finally be able to host an event in the establishment.

Overall, the night succeeded in alerting Los Gatos residents that the beloved theater is finally open and ready to be central to town culture once more.

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