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SVCTE Provides Unique Educational Opportunies

By Maya Gomez

Editor in Chief

A gem among Bay Area schools, Silicon Valley Career Technical Education (SVCTE) engages in innovative, real-world learning, catering to both high schoolers and adults seeking out a unique educational experience. High school students from around the Bay Area (including Los Gatos and Saratoga High School) partake in their specially designed youth program, which offers 23 diverse curricula geared toward preparing students for life after high school graduation. 

Leland High School senior Milana Kreger is a student in the 2022-2023 Forensic Science morning class. They recalled their time at SVCTE, specifically studying blood spatter analysis, stating, “for every topic we have a slide lecture and then do a lot of hands-on work. So, after finishing the lecture, [our teacher, Marty Eryavec] brought us to a table with a used poster board, vials of fake blood, and a hockey stick.” Kreger continued, “he then showed us how to create different types of blood stains and then let us try them out in groups…Later in the week, we used blood spatter analysis to solve a case involving a son who murdered his mom over Sharks game tickets.” Kreger advised incoming students “to be open to being friends with new people…work a lot with one another and with another class, specifically Law Enforcement, and I definitely would recommend being outgoing if you want to get the most out of SVCTE.”

SVCTE’s Danielle Clark teaches perhaps one of the most unique courses: Culinary Arts. “I have worked at SVCTE for three years,” Clark said. “My background of 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry is what I bring to the table.” Aside from the academic course load, filled with quizzes and research papers, alongside countless cooking and baking challenges and activities, the Culinary Arts students also run the campus cafe, the Hub. Clark revealed that her favorite part of teaching is seeing the joy that comes out of students making food. “It’s good for the soul,” she stated. “It’s a passion and it’s hard work, but it’s rewarding.”

Dental Specialties Institute Founder and CEO Suzie Dault heads the Dental Assisting classes at SVCTE. After nearly two years of experience teaching Silicon Valley teenagers, Dault “enjoys working with students and helping them have a feeling of accomplishment.” The teacher revealed that the “first semester is always a challenge with students learning the dental language, terminology, professionalism, etc.” Nonetheless, Dault conveyed that “once we get past that hurdle, it is all business, just like the real world.” 

The educational opportunities under Clark, Dault, and all of the SVCTE staff are unparalleled, granting high school students unique industry experiences unlike any other.

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