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Help for Humanity Builds Stronger Community

By: Saya Alvares and Ella Marrufo

Sports Editors

Help for Humanity — formally known as Aid an Orphanage — is shifting its focus from working with orphanages to working with a more locally-known organization, the House of Hope. The House of Hope is Calvary Church’s food pantry, and they also provide emotional, physical, and spiritual support for people during difficult times. This includes assistance with groceries, which is something Help for Humanity specializes in. Club president and LGHS junior Dhiyana Sheth details, “[What] I’m most looking forward [to] for this club is to help those in need and to build a stronger community.”

Help for Humanity offers many fundraising opportunities over the course of the year. One recent opportunity was a canned food drive. The event took place from Nov. 14 to 18. Members encouraged LGHS students to donate canned food, dry food, and other health essentials like feminine products to LGHS Spanish teacher Sylvia Kennedy’s room.The food drive was a competition; The second-period class that donated the most items will receive either a donut or pizza party. These donations will go to the House of Hope where they will directly help people in need. The most common foods donated are typically dry foods such as peanut butter, canned soup, canned fruit/vegetables, canned protein (tuna/salmon/chicken), pasta, rice, and any other non-perishable items. Other non-edible items include paper towels, feminine products, toilet paper, deodorant, and laundry detergent. 

Another helpful fundraising opportunity coordinated by club member and LGHS junior Hrishi Paliath-Pathiyal, was a Sleep Out at Levi’s Stadium that happened on Nov. 3. Technology company Cisco organized the event. The company’s goal was “raising awareness about youth homelessness and critical funds to ensure that Covenant House can provide shelter, food, clothing, and essential services to young people overcoming homelessness.” The event raised awareness about the homelessness situation for adolescents and younger, specifically in California, and it brought attention to the privilege of having shelter. The Cisco sleep-out raised 978,485 dollars overall. Every person who signed up for the Sleep Out helped raise money for the cause. Overall, the LGHS Help for Humanity club was able to raise and contribute four thousand dollars. 

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