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Los Gatos Holds Municipal Elections

By: Victor Josifovski

National/World Editor

On Nov. 8, the town of Los Gatos held its municipal elections, which included voting on three new Town Council members, candidates for the Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District (LGSUHSD) Board of Trustees, and a new business measure. Polls closed at 8:00 PM, and early election measures showed Rob Moore leading all town council candidates, and Alex Shultz leading candidates for the LGSUHSD Board. 

The top three vote-getters in the Town Council race will join Vice-Mayor Maria Ristow and Council Member Matthew Hudes on the Town Council. Though the town will not certify results until Dec. 8, current measures show Rob Moore leading with 3,776, or 28.6 percent of the vote, followed by incumbent Mary Badame with 21.82 percent or 3,618 votes, and third place candidate Rob Stump with 17.33 percent or 2,870 votes. The next two candidates in line are Margaret Smith with 13.28 percent or 2,200 votes, and Planning Commissioner Reza Tavana with 4.44 percent or 735 votes, though vote counts are subject to change as counting continues. 

Meanwhile, former LGHS biology teacher Alex Shultz currently leads the race for the LGSUHSD Board, where five candidates are looking to fill three open spots on the board. Shultz currently has 6,394 or 26.1 percent of votes, while former LGHS math teacher Steve Chen with 6,302 or 25.72 percent of votes follows, with candidate Misty Davies currently sitting in third place, having 4,641 or 18.94 percent, and candidates David Guidry with 3,699 or 15.1 percent and Chris Miller at 3,465 or 14.14 percent filling in the last two positions. 

Measure J, which proposes a 30 percent tax increase on flat taxes, increasing retail tax receipts by 40 percent, and other tax increases, currently sits above the fifty percent threshold needed for its enactment, with town voters currently showing a dedication to approaching the town budget deficit by enacting a revenue boost. 

Moving forward, with vote counts and measures subject to change, Los Gatans should keep an eye out for this year’s election measures, which the town will continue to finalize, and which have the ability to impact the town in crucial years to come. 

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