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By: Aliya Koshalieva

Graphics Editor

After months of waiting, Joji, the former YouTuber-turned-singer, dropped his third studio album, SMITHEREENS, on Nov 4. Joji rose to fame as Filthy Frank and Pink Guy, two characters from his YouTube channels. As Pink Guy, he would post videos dressed in a pink bodysuit doing various comedic things. Although he released music as Pink Guy, in 2017, he shelved his previous content to pursue a more serious career in music. Smithereens is split into two parts, Side A and Side B. Side A details the longing to get back together, while Side B is about said failed reconciliation.

Before the album’s official release, Joji released Glimpse of Us as the album’s lead single on Jun 10. In this song, Joji compares his ex to his current partner and sings about the feelings that remain for his ex. The first time I listened to this song, I fell to my knees, rolled up into a ball in the corner of my room, and started rocking back and forth, sobbing. At the same time, Joji serenaded me through my AirPods. However, hearing the song in every single TikTok for about a month ruined it slightly for me. Nonetheless, Glimpse of Us is still an excellent song. 

Side A, starting with Glimpse of Us, contains the sadder songs in the album. Feeling Like the End, a short song, discusses the memories of a former relationship. Die For You was an instant favorite of mine. Joji sings about wanting the best for his ex and his willingness to “die for [them].” One of the best things about this track is the amazing, soul-snatching outro, which had me ascending to Heaven. The rest of the tracks from Side A, Before The Day Is Over, and Dissolve, are fantastic songs about relationship problems. Both songs have wonderful outros because ____. 

Side B inclues some heartbreak songs, but this side is more upbeat than Side A. Night Rider details the difference between two lovers. Blahblahblah Demo is my favorite song from this album. The beat switch halfway through took me by surprise, but it is definitely my favorite thing about the song. In Yukon (Interlude), Joji sings about distracting himself by aimlessly driving. Joji released this song on Aug. 26, along with the announcement of the album. 1Am Freestyle, the last song on the album, sees Joji breaking up with his partner. 

Joji does an outstanding job with SMITHEREENS; he has written and helped produce a beautiful album. The storytelling is very impressive. This album is possibly one of my favorites by Joji, and I would definitely listen to this album again and recommend it to everyone.

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