Rawlings Questions Her Outfits

By: Margo Rawlings

Local News Editor

Every morning I wake up with the same dreadful thought: what should I wear? You 

may think I’m shallow or vain, but you just don’t understand the struggle that I, and millions of people all over the world, go through every morning. Luckily for you, I will be detailing the dreadful experience. 

In my opinion, a very controversial factor in one’s choice of clothing is the weather each morning. See, for the past 15 years of my life, I have prided myself on not coordinating my attire with the weather; therefore, very frequently, I suffer the consequences of my own actions. No hate to anyone who does coordinate — I just feel like if I want to wear something, I should be able to, regardless of the outside climate. Unfortunately, this way of thinking has landed me in some very painful situations. I have had to endure cold, rainy mornings in nothing but a tank top and shorts and blisteringly hot summer days in long sleeves and corduroys. 

Absolutely nothing hurts my pride more than my mother telling me to wear something warmer because she knows I’ll be cold, me not listening to her, and then freezing for the whole day at school and realizing that she was, in fact, correct. Although this realization does happen mentally, I refuse to verbally admit that I was wrong. It may seem childish, but I have sat through many dinners outside, freezing, unwilling to accept defeat and accept the jacket she brought me, knowing that I’d be cold. 

Many people have told me to just “pick out my outfit the night before.” In response, I’d say: I don’t think you realize how difficult that really is. Let me tell you; I really have tried, thinking it could be the solution to all my problems. Unfortunately, more often than not, in the morning, I’ll look at this pre-selected outfit and decide I don’t like it, bringing me back to square one. Instead, I have curated my own meticulously tested, very accurate and reliable process. In the 15 minutes, if I’m lucky, that I have each morning to decide my attire, I’ll pick one piece of clothing that I’m certain I want to wear and then plan the rest of my outfit accordingly. I find this system very efficient because rather than having to pick two things that you really like, you only have to decide on one and then find something that compliments it.

I must say, the worst part of this entire process is that it repeats itself every single day. That’s 365 days a year, meaning I don’t even get a break from the excruciating task like I do on the weekends from school. Even though my indecisiveness often results in my tardiness to school, I arrive ready for NYFW, making it, in my opinion, very worth it.

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