Dennon Struggles With Halloween Costumes

By: Macy Dennon

Local News Editor

I refuse to believe that I am the only one who believes the stress of picking Halloween costumes is just too entertaining. I am going to take you through what every person goes through in October when trying to pick a costume, because it is not pretty.I hope someone can relate. 

Stage one: Initial excitement. This stage happens within the first few days of October as the idea of dressing up excites everyone. It is a blissful moment before the storm. This is when you start looking up “costume ideas 2022” or “fun halloween costumes for groups.” Do not lie to me, those are definitely in your Pinterest search history. You might send a few ideas to the group chat, but none of them stick. Then you ultimately give up for now and think that you have plenty of time to figure it out. What could go wrong?

Stage two: Choosing. This is when the ideas start actually flowing. Now your brain is like a powerhouse and you are at your peak. You think you found it: the perfect costume! You find all of the pieces on Amazon and the entire group chat has acquiesced. It is almost too good to be true!. This is when excitement is at its peak, but that means that it is only downhill from here. 

Stage three: Reverting. Oh no. You no longer like your costume. I swear this happens every year. The great idea seems so dumb that you can not fathom how you originially agreed on the idea. The idea was definitely better in your head, and now it is cutting it a little too close to actual Halloween. That sucks doesn’t it. Well, the reverting stage is a short one because it only consists of ditching the idea. The next one is a doozy. 

Stage four: Panic. Now it is crunch time. You have to find that new costume. At this point you think that every costume is absolute dog water. But at the same time, all costumes are plausible options. It is almost as confusing as your physics homework… almost. 

Stage five: The oh-well moment. Some ballers just skip to this stage as they are blessed to not know this anxiety. These are the best types of people, and one day I hope to be somewhat like them. I think this year I was smart enough to take on said persona. This oh well moment means once again reverting to last year’s costume or, even better, going back to the original idea. The best part about acceptance is that we all end up choosing the same thing. I do not know how this happens; it is almost as bizarre as my outfit choices in elementary school. 

Despite knowing this happens every year, I cannot seem to avoid it. There is no doubt I will be kicking myself next year for the same mistake. Excited to see how that goes.

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