Duvall Embarks on a Journey to Retrieve Her Lunchbox

By: Emily Duvall

Opinion Editor

It was a dark and stormy Sunday night at LGHS in early October. That night, I sat at home, thinking to myself about how much I was dying to go back to school the next day. Suddenly, I realized that I forgot my beloved lunch box in my locker on Friday! I could not bear going to school the next day without it. I took it upon myself to make the terrifying drive to school, making my way through the pouring rain on North Santa Cruz Ave., without a clue about what was coming for me. 

When I parked in front of the school, I knew this would not be good. The wildcat sculpture that normally sits calmly on the front stops was MOVING! The cat moved around the lawn like it owned the place. I looked around, my eyes landing on the cars that passed by. How were the drivers simply unphased? I had no clue what my next move should be. Sing the Alma Mater? Do the “I Believe” chant? Email Mr. Buchanan? I was perplexed. Shivering in my boots and trying not to become dinner for the once-stationary wildcat, I decided to just keep sneaking down the front lawn. 

I wasn’t sure the school doors would be open, but for the sake of my dear lunch box, I had to try anyway. As I reached the doors, they opened for me, yet no one else was around. I immediately swung my head around and saw no one. But, when I slowly turned my head back around, Willy the Wildcat, in the flesh, stood in front of me with a blank stare. To say I was horrified would be an understatement. Covered in rain and dying to get to my locker, I did not know how to get past him. I came to the conclusion I needed to put my one year of PE at LGHS to work. Making a break for it, I sprinted past Willy.

Running through the main hall trying to make my way to the third floor of the language building, I slipped and fell in a suspicious liquid. I couldn’t quite tell what it was, but it had an orange coloring to it. Willy caught up and roared “THOSE ARE JUNIOR TEARS FROM LOSING THE RALLY!” Even though I found their losing tears hilarious, I still was frightened by Willy’s presence and had to pick myself up to keep going.

I finally reached my locker, but it was covered in cobwebs and needed a password to unlock it. Pulling away the cobwebs, I read what I had to do to get my beloved lunch box. It read, “You must laugh at the joke of the day to get your lunch box back, XOXO, the ghost of LGHS.” Oh no. I was at a pure loss. It was night time. There was no joke! Willy came up behind me and my time was done. I had to leave my lunch box behind. I couldn’t face Willy again or even begin to ponder the ghost of LGHS. 

I hurried back to my car soaked in junior tears and rain, defeated after not getting my lunch box. Maybe next Halloween Willy the Wildcat and the ghost of LGHS will let me get my lunch box on the weekend.

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