Crossword Puzzles

CROSSWORD PUZZLE: How Well Do You Know Your LGHS Teachers?

by Sasha Ryu


How well do you really know the teachers at LGHS? Test your knowledge with this challenging crossword!

1. Lead singer of the teacher band.
2. Halloween is this English teacher's favorite holiday.
3. LG's Head Football Coach.
4. This math teacher has an affinity for skateboarding.
5. This history teacher has her yoga instructor's license.
6. This female biology teacher has biked across the country.
7. This teacher's students have won dozens of awards at local science fairs.
8. This assistant principal is probably one of our tallest staff members.
9. This Special Education teacher is also one of LG's Varsity baseball coaches.
10. This American History teacher has a set of bongos in his classroom.
11. This English teacher helps organize Fractured Follies every year.
12. This English teacher believes in ghosts.
13. This Calculus and Trigonometry teacher is a talented bowler.
14. This staff member knows how to code AND play the guitar.
15. This Algebra II teacher has a Pittsburgh Steelers poster in his classroom.
16. This Athletic Director's name rhymes with 'Bugatti.'


If you got all 16 correct, send a screenshot, and we’ll feature you on our Instagram!

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