NCIS offers binge-worthy thrills in 18th season

by Sonali Muthukrishnan

News Editor

On May 6, NCIS renewed its contract with CBS for its 18th season. The show, which started in 2003, is the perfect thriller to binge watch during quarantine. With gory crime scenes, exciting mysteries, and a fun group dynamic, NCIS – which stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Services – is a must-watch. 

The core group of characters varies from season to season, due to NCIS actors pursuing other projects; however, the longest-lasting gang includes Ziva David, Tony DiNozzo, Tim McGee, and their stoic leader Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Gibbs is the quiet, wise leader and ex-marine who always follows his gut, while DiNozzo is the comical ladies man with a heart of gold, and McGee is a kind and thoughtful man with advanced tech skills that let him hack into almost anything, including the Pentagon. Last but not least is Ziva David, a strong and intelligent Israeli woman, who trained as an assassin before she came to NCIS. 

Honorable mentions include Ducy, or Dr. Mallard, the medical examiner; Mr. Palmer, the assistant medical examiner; and Abby Scuito, the resident forensic scientist. This group has filled many seasons of the show with fun and engaging moments, but they also have had their fair share of trouble that they help each other through. No matter what happens, a constant in NCIS is that the characters have each other’s backs. 

While the characters are a vital aspect of the show, the mysteries that each episode contains are legendary. Even after seventeen seasons, NCIS still has surprises at every twist and turn. In the early seasons of the show, some of the crew’s adventures were predictable. However, the deeper one gets into NCIS seasons, the more mysterious each murder seems. Throughout the seasons, the show weaves elaborate character backstories and history into the plot of episodes. It makes the series more interesting because we learn more about characters who do not easily reveal their past and what they have overcome, especially Ziva and Gibbs. For Ziva, we learned more about her background with Mossad and her ties to her family; for Gibbs, we learned more about his life as a Marine and his trials when he lost his first wife and daughter. 

Furthermore, NCIS season finales often span across multiple episodes, and are sure to keep the viewer engaged. With multiple character deaths, disappearances, and intricate plotlines, the series finales are sure to wow and surprise the audience. With a thrill at every corner, NCIS does not disappoint any viewers. 

(Source: Newsweek)

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