LGHS Homecoming weekend

by Jessica Blough 

Center Editor

On Friday, Oct. 30 the LGHS football team played against Fremont in their homecoming game. During half time our homecoming court rode segways around the track to be announced to the crowd. The court nominees included Koji Kusumi, Sanjay Mohan, Davey George, Larry Watson, Hunter BiggeSabrina Burnett, Tessa Carrol, Teenie Noskowski, Lauren Verheyden, and Sarah Nelson. Paired nominees rode in side by side and then were each given a sash and flowers.

The game ended with a win 48-13 against the Firebirds.

photos courtesy Jessica Blough, Hyuntae Byun, and Lark Breen


During the game, LG’s first ever haunted house was running in the dance room with the drama class dressed and ready to scare. Those who dared to enter could pay $5 for a frightful walk through.

photos courtesy Jessica Blough


On Saturday, Oct. 31 LGHS hosted their annual Coronation dance with a Haunted Homecoming theme. At the dance students could walk through the haunted house, and Homecoming King an Queen were announced.

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