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Coro 2015

by Abbi Berry

Web Editor

This year’s LGHS Coronation Dance took a haunted turn on its scheduling for Halloween night. It was still a formal dance, so the students arrived in their classy attire for a night filled with music and dancing, a spooky haunted house, and the announcement of the 2015 homecoming king and queen.

photos courtesy Darcey Simpson-Bint, Lexi Slonek, Amy Chapman, and Kate Parsons.

The dance began at eight o’clock with the dapperly dressed administration team checking students in. Kids took to the dance floor while the DJ played hits as well as throwbacks like “The Monster Mash.” The dance was decked out with several colors of strobe lights flashing throughout the night. This year, not only was candy provided, but several kinds of cookies and desserts were placed on the tables for everyone to enjoy. The dance was decorated with balloons, posters, and carved pumpkins.

Along with breaking it down on the dance floor, kids could take pictures in DJ Mike Brown’s open photo booth which provided silly props for each photo. There was also a fortune teller booth to forecast one’s future on the Halloween night.

A huge addition to this year’s coronation was the haunted house. For the first time ever, Leadership turned the dance room into a spooky maze and put its drama kids to the test for a night of true fright. Josh Greenberg, sophomore class treasurer, described the idea behind the haunted house, saying, “Making this year’s Coro a haunted homecoming and adding a haunted house allowed everyone to enjoy Halloween and Coro at the same time.” A group of up to five students could walk through the maze of horror in the dance room, with distorting lights and imprisoned victims. To fit with the hospital theme, the drama kids dressed as dead nurses, caged psychopaths, and deranged doctors, jumping out and scaring those who dared to enter. It took about two minutes to walk through, but only ten seconds to become terrified.  

At around ten o’clock, the music stopped and the dance floor was cleared to allow Leadership to announce the homecoming king and queen. The nominees for king this year were Koji Kusumi, Sanjay Mohan, Davey George, Larry Watson, and Hunter Bigge. Nominees for queen included Sabrina Burnett, Tessa Carroll, Teenie Noskowski, Lauren Verheyden, and Sarah Nelson. After a big drum roll, LGHS students were pleased to hear that Sanjay Mohan and Teeni Noskowski won. The first slow dance of the night followed the crowning of the king and queen. At 11 o’clock the dance concluded for a night of fun, candy, and scares.

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