Entertaining Fall Crafts

by Violet Wallerstein

Web Editor

Looking for some decor to make your home more festive? Here are a few of El Gato’s favorite holiday crafts!

Corn on the cob cups of popcorn:


  • Popcorn
  • Clear plastic cups
  • Green crepe paper
  • Yellow construction Paper
  • Yellow Crayon
  • Clear snack bag

Start by cutting a corn-shaped oval out of construction paper. Draw on the kernels with the yellow crayon, and glue the paper around the plastic cup. Next, glue the green crepe paper around the edges of the cup and and crinkle the edges so it looks like a corn husk. Then, fill the snack bag with popcorn, place it in the cup, and tie off the top of both the snack bag and green crepe paper with a string. This makes a cute and easy to eat Thanksgiving snack!

Fall Greeting Card/Place Card:


  • Leaf
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Craft paper

To make a pumpkin design, find a fairly oval-shaped or circular leaf approximately the size you want the card to be. Paint one side of the leaf orange,and then place it on the paper like a stamp. To make it a pumpkin, you can add a stem with the paint brush.

You could also just use a leaf design by finding any leaf, painting it a color of your choosing, and then stamping it on the paper. Cut out the piece of paper as a rectangle, so you can fold the back over to make it a card. You can use these as place cards for your guests or use them as fall greeting cards!

Leaf Table Runner:


  • Wax Paper
  • Iron
  • Leaves

This is the simplest of crafts for even the least creative! Go outside and gather some pretty fall leaves off the street. Then, stretch the sheet of wax paper to the length of your table. Place the leaves on the wax paper in a pattern of your choosing. Then, place an equally long piece of wax paper on top, iron the layers together, and you have a festive fall table runner!

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