Multitalented Stauch Loves Traveling

By: Hayley Strahs

Graphics Editor

Avid traveler, martial artist, and color guard dancer, freshman Jeremias Stauch is a jack of all trades. 

Over the summer, Stauch visited four different countries: Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and France. Stauch spent time exploring all over Japan, including cities such as Kyoto, Tokyo, and Oita. Along with sightseeing, Stauch visited his sister, who studies in Japan. When asked his favorite part about visiting the country, Stauch remarked, “The vending machines were my life.” 

Later in the summer, Stauch traveled alone to Germany, his home country, along with Switzerland and France to visit his extended family. Traveling alone might seem daunting to some, but for Stauch, it was a piece of cake. Stauch remarked, “You have all the responsibilities that your parents normally have, right? Like being on time for flights….and being on time for trains.” Stauch learned the latter the hard way after falling asleep on a train from Ulm to Hamburg. While his aunt was able to accommodate his accidental nap, Stauch learned the very important lesson of “not falling asleep right when you have to [get off the train] soon.”

Outside of traveling, Stauch perfects his taekwondo skills. After working for ten years, his black belt test is soon approaching. In order to reach a black belt, Stauch must complete one hundred push-ups, one hundred sit-ups, and run three miles in thirty minutes, in addition to demonstrating the martial arts skills that he has learned over the years. 

In addition to taekwondo, Stauch participates in LGHS’ Color Guard. During the fall, Color Guard meets three times each week and performs alongside the marching band at competitions and some halftime shows. Stauch first joined Color Guard last year at Fisher Middle School, because he liked the idea of “flags and spinning them and throwing them above your head.” While he does not have a favorite part of Color Guard yet, Stauch says that it is fun. Despite being more nervous than excited for his first halftime performance, he is more than ready for the upcoming season.

After the first six-week grading period, Stauch finally understands what his older siblings went through in their high school years. Stauch is currently taking Japanese, International Cuisine, LEAD Biology and English, Geometry, and freshman Health and Fitness. Out of his six classes, Stauch says that LEAD Biology is his favorite. Even though he cannot pinpoint exactly what he likes about it, Biology is a highlight of Stauch’s day.

From his extracurricular adventures in taekwondo and Color Guard, to conducting labs in his Biology class, to traveling the world, Stauch is a bright addition to the LGHS community.

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