New Blue Line Pizza opens successfully

by Elizabeth Monsef

News Editor

Last Thur., Jan. 22, I was fortunate enough to visit Blue Line Pizza in downtown Los Gatos. I personally met one of the co-managers, Angela, and had a chance to talk to her about the new location on Blue Line’s opening night. Angela informed me that she has been looking to open in Los Gatos for quite some time, and is glad that the town is so welcoming to a new restaurant. It was great to talk to a founder of the business and see into her vision for Blue Line.

The customer service at Blue Line Pizza is phenomenal. The staff was kind and willing to help out each and every customer. The service was quick, and the food was great. Because the restaurant has no food freezers, all groceries are delivered in the morning to guarantee the freshest meal possible, a remarkable quality in a pizza restaurant. Blue Line offers several outstanding deep dish pizzas as well as many normal pizzas. I tried deep dish pizza for the first time, and loved it. My family and I split the caprese salad and the vegetarian deep dish pizza which was fantastic to share. To top it off, we finished dinner with the caramel apple bread pudding, a sweet treat. We enjoyed dining and are very excited to have a new pizza place in Los Gatos.

Blue Line Pizza also incorporates modern technology into their restaurant. When a member of your party has to wait for a table, they can choose to have their phone number entered into the system by the hostess. When your table is ready, a text message is sent to your phone. This allows customers to roam around and enjoy Los Gatos while waiting for their table. In this way Blue Line is bringing innovation into their restaurant.

Overall, the opening was great and Blue Line Pizza will be a fantastic addition to Los Gatos. It is at 160 W. Main Street, the old location of Katsu Sushi. Blue Line is open from 11 am to 10 pm Sun. through Thurs. and 11am to 11pm Fri. through Sat., and they hope to see you there!

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