Alarm Tones

By: Hayley Strahs and Dylan Wadhwa

Graphics and National/World Editor

Brrring! Beep! Tweet! These sounds jolt us awake every morning and trigger the start of a new day. However, alarm tones can provide a deeper insight into the day ahead than what first meets the ear. From cringy songs to Apple-produced beats, each alarm sound provides its own foresight into the oncoming day. Here is our comprehensive list of various alarm sounds, and what they mean.

By The Seaside: Good morning, but don’t get too excited for the upcoming day. Waking up to Apple’s By The Seaside alarm tone turns off any potential happiness for the rest of the day. Anyone with By The Seaside as their alarm tone desperately needs a hobby, or something to bring them pleasure outside of their 7:30 AM alarm every morning.

2000s Pop: If you wake up and hear a plethora of 2000s pop songs, it can only mean one thing: you are stuck doing chores for 95% of the day. I do not know why none of these ringtones seem to ever be played anywhere else but while doing chores, so perhaps it’s the universe’s way of adding salt to the wound. In all seriousness, however, I completely do not understand why the universe would choose a mixture of some of the most random tunes to accompany such a mundane task. It seems as if everyone around me also matches 2000s pop songs with doing a four hour long side quest with mom. 

Birds Chirping: Good morning, if you can even call this morning. If your alarm is birds chirping, you rise with (or earlier than) the sun. Convincing yourself that waking up early is better than staying up late, you use your morning to throw together the trashiest essay known to man. For Snow White, birds chirping signifies a new day filled with house chores and the occasional slumber. For you, the birds mark the beginning of a stay-awake-for-six-hours challenge.

Duck: If you actually have this alarm tone set, it can only mean one thing: you suck at waking up.  Half the time it will go off like three hours before the time it was supposed to go off. Or, other times it will sometimes play up to five extra times in the morning for absolutely no reason whatsoever.  It’s a constant test of patience, and sometimes (most of the time) you should despise it. If you actually enjoy listening to this ringtone, I have no words for you, but chances are you are better at waking up than I am. 

Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake: It’s 7:15 AM, nearly seven years since the original Trolls film came out. Anyone with Can’t Stop The Feeling as their alarm tone is stuck in 2016. Enjoy awakening to your Trolls themed alarm while wearing Trolls-themed pajamas and sleeping in your Trolls-themed sheets. Instead of waking up to Justin Timberlake, wake up to the fact that the Trolls era is over and will never come back.

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