What your favorite TV Show says about you

By: Rory Zeman and Aliya Koshalieva

Culture and National/World Editor

Whenever you ask a parent about their favorite child, they will hesitantly reply by saying, “I don’t have a favorite,” despite the fact that they do. The same concept can be applied to the vast world of television, where people watch all types of televised content, and when faced with the question of which is their favorite, they find themselves grappling with a momentous choice. With so many options to choose from, here are just a few shows that people have as favorites, and what these favorite shows say about you if they’re your favorite.

The Walking Dead: If this is your favorite show, you must really enjoy crying. As each and every season of this 11-season show passes by, you are subject to more and more emotional trauma as each character you have grown to love gets torn to shreds by flesh-eating zombies, just like your heart. However, if this is your favorite show and you don’t cry while watching, you are likely a heartless person, unfazed by any sort of trauma that comes your way in life. Your eyes are probably like dormant volcanoes that will only erupt when you finally finish the 11-season-long emotional journey that is The Walking Dead.
Breaking Bad: You definitely are very bored of your life if this is your favorite show. When you watch former chemistry teacher Walter White turn to a rapid-paced life of crime, drug dealing, and family disputes, you will wish that your life had even the slightest bit of action and drama that Breaking Bad has. You definitely were highly disappointed when you walked into your sophomore chemistry class only to discover that your teacher was, in fact, not an undercover meth cook. 

BoJack Horseman: You’re sometimes a funny person, but someone should definitely check in on you once in a while. Choosing to voluntarily watch a show about a washed-up celebrity that’s also a bipolar horse is pretty concerning, but hey, at least the horse is funny. If this is your favorite show, please never go to a zoo, or you’ll start crying over the animals that remind you of the characters. 

Grey’s Anatomy: You’re a hardcore introvert. Instead of spending time with people, you’d rather stay at home and watch 19 seasons of doctors balancing their job and messy relationship drama, all happening inside the workplace. You’re a little traumatized after watching all of your favorite characters die or come close to dying, or, the worst one of all, dying in a scenario that could have been preventable. If this is your favorite show, you’ll definitely claim to be a doctor during an actual medical emergency just because you sat through every season of this show.

The Office: You’re either a really chill person who likes this show, or you’re the most insufferable person ever. If you’re a chill person, you find The Office relatable for its nine-to-five content, even though you’re probably too young to have a job. However, if you’re the second type of fan, you probably act like Michael Scott in the worst way possible. You’re a hardcore Jim apologist and a Pam and Jim shipper, and you’ll go to the ends of the earth to defend them. If this is your favorite show, you’re playing it safe or being too proud of it.

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