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Marching Band and Color Guard Begins

By: Kate Gruetter and Owen Fugit

Editor-In-Chief and Editorial Editor

The start of Los Gatos High School Friday Night Lights marks the beginning of the season for other school sports, notably marching band and color guard. When practices began in early August, both groups brought their enthusiasm and passion to pre-season. With long hours, tough drills, and lots of dedication, practice paid off when the marching band performed at the first home football game. Despite starting during the summer, the groups still had limited time to perfect their performances before the first game, though freshman Nico Redo assures this was not a problem. “We have only performed one game so far, but it was really good, especially with only a week of practicing.” 

In addition to football performances, marching band participates in competitions against other schools. Senior Andrew Truesdell, who plays the clarinet, has been a member of the marching band since his sophomore year and provided insight into the marching band competitions. “In most competitions we will go to a high school…[and] we go up against other teams in our division.” The number of students in the band determines the division. During the competitions, many different people judge the groups. Competitions begin in October and continue through November. Redo echoed a similar sense of excitement, saying, “What we are looking forward to the most is our marching band competitions.” Redo continued on to describe the events, where the band has their “own show and everything to perform in front of other schools and compete.” 

Marching band practices on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-9, and Saturdays from 9-5, making practice close to 14 hours a week. They also practice with color guard, as both groups perform at football games. When it comes to big competitions, Truesdell explained, “In previous years we would perform at Fresno State on the football field at the college, but instead we’ve decided to go to Disneyland and perform something there instead,” something that Truesdell looks forward to. 

With football games, competitions, and a big performance in November to look forward to, this year is shaping up to be a busy one for the marching band. Truesdell is hoping more people show up to competitions and performances because “It’s a big effort… [LGHS] is a little bit smaller than some other schools that are more involved. So right now our show is kind of just to showcase us as individuals [and] our legacy, and to try and build a framework for the coming years” 

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