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Player of the Year: Keira Dodd

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If you’ve ever heard that cheery voice telling students the joke of the day over the intercom during the sixth period, or watched the video announcements, you are aware of the one and only Keira Dodd. An outstanding senior, Dodd established herself as a core member of the LGHS volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse teams over her time at Los Gatos High School; all while simultaneously playing competitive travel lacrosse year-round. Beyond her extensive athletic commitments, Dodd also excels as a member of the Leadership class and as a well-rounded, driven individual.
Starting with the fall season, Dodd kicked off each of her high school years strong with volleyball. Although Dodd began her volleyball career years ago in elementary school, she joined the high school team under her mother’s inspiration, as she coaches the freshman team. Reflecting on time spent as a member of this sport, Dodd determined that regardless of skill level, anyone can contribute with the correct energy and determination; “With enough effort and communication, talking is super important in volleyball and it’s the easiest thing to do, if you can put forth your best effort in the things you can control, you’ll have a successful time on the court.”
In the winter Dodd stays in the gym, but switches from volleys to layups with LGHS basketball. Playing basketball for “as long as I can remember” Dodd urges any and all students to consider trying out for the LGHS Girls’ Basketball teams. Although a slim number of students get the opportunity to captain their varsity sports teams, even fewer get the opportunity to do so both junior and senior year; Dodd is one of these students. When asked to define her leadership strategies, Dodd explains that she prioritizes team bonding: “When you get to know each other outside of basketball, it translates to the court.”
Reflecting on coaching Dodd, LGHS teacher and Varsity Basketball Coach Matthew Holm determined that “Keira is endless energy and relentless positivity.” Expanding on the “catalyst” that Dodd represents for the team, Holm expanded that “even in the most difficult moments of a difficult loss or frustrating practice, you can count on Keira to do something magical and bring us back.”
In her final sport swap of the year at LGHS, Dodd picked up a lacrosse stick in the spring as an essential attack player. Dodd joined lacrosse in elementary school, inspired by her older brother, and has stuck with it ever since, playing competitively year round to this day. Besides contributing game changing dodges, speed-of-light shots, and unmatched versatility to her game, Dodd is also an unfaltering hype man to all teammates. Fellow senior Danny Tal confirms that Dodd is “always in my corner,” and “improves everyone else, while also improving herself…she’s always putting in 150 percent.” Although incredibly humble, Dodd is an essential part of the lacrosse squad, as confirmed by Coach Teresa Hayton. Hayton stated that “Keira is amazing; she has all of the energy that is required to get a team as big as this one pumped up and ready for games and practice.”
Living a double life, Dodd is a student by week and athlete by weekend, traveling to recruitment camps and tournaments throughout the year. All her hard work on and off the field has paid off, as her skills shined through to earn the attention of many eager recruiters, even though she deemed it a “long ride.” Making the decision to commit to Saint Lawrence University as an attacker, Dodd is excited about every element of her post-grad plans: “The school is amazing, the lacrosse program is insane, and I am just excited to live on the other side of the country.”
To hear more about her story, scan the QR code in the gray box to watch her Player of the Year video. Congratulations Dodd, keep being yourself and putting in 150 percent and all your hopes will come to fruition.

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