N-word and lynching graphic used in LG Junior Prom ask

Many students at Los Gatos High were surprised to hear that the Blackface prom ask was executed at their school. But, like the administration alluded to in their statement (link), this was the second race-related prom ask of the spring.

In April, a junior boy asked a sophomore girl to the Junior Prom using an ask poster at school. The poster read: “Do u wanna be like a N****r and hang at PROM?” An illustration on the right side of the poster depicted a black person hanging by the neck from a tall tree. The junior asked the sophomore in front of an audience of friends before taking a picture featuring the poster. The picture was posted on both Snapchat and Instagram and circulated throughout the school. Eventually, the administration was notified.

Ultimately, the pair did not attend prom together. According to an anonymous source, administration was initially told that the prom ask picture was faked and Photoshopped. That claim has been disproven and the LGHS faculty are reviewing the situation reflecting this new development and taking action.


The poster is featured below with the n-word censored.


Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.17.34 AM

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  1. Wow. Honestly once again the school is gonna throw this under the bus just like the blackface situation. I’m happy that my blackass is leaving Los Gatos. I know if i came to school with my face painted white and had a sign saying ” lets fuck like cousins at prom” (Alabama type shit) i would have gotten suspended instead of getting a slap on the wrist like a white privliege kid. Being a person of color at my school only taught me that racism will never end, the school is honestly a waste and only cares if you are not a person of color. What a great school Los Gatos is :). I hope this school gets exposed for this kind of shit. I would say more and get my point across but white people make me pissed off to the point where I can’t. Sorry for the language but I am an “Angry black women” and shit needs to be done.

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