LGHS Administration releases statement on racist prom asks

On Thursday, May 18, the Los Gatos High School administration released the following statement in response to El Gato’s “Blackface prom ask is unacceptable” article:

We concur with the recent El Gato News editorial which expressed in its headline:  “Blackface prom ask is unacceptable.”  No communication about any school event should denigrate another person or group for any reason.  We are aware of two prom asks this spring that have been of a racist nature and want this choice of behavior never to recur.  Our obligation is to protect student safety and respond to actions that may create “an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment” (California Education Code).  We are taking action and responding to the situations as a school and care to do so sensitively.  Our work with individual students is confidential.  We are also working to develop additional programming to support increased cultural sensitivity throughout the student body.
The LGHS Administration
Kristi Grasty
Alex Chapman
Amy Drolette
Adam Minyard
Kevin Rogers

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