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Human Remains Found in Santa Monica

Dell Dumont
On Apr. 25, 2023, according to the Santa Monica Police Department, “human remains were found in the courtyard of an abandoned property in the 2900 block of Santa Monica Boulevard.” On May 9, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office identified the body of tech founder and chief executive Beau Mann, who was missing for a year and a half.
On Nov. 30 2021, Mann was dropped off by an Uber at a 7-Eleven in Studio City and disappeared. Four days later, his loved ones reported him missing. The remains were found about a minute’s distance from where Beau was reportedly last dropped off in his Uber. Santa Monica Police Lt. Erika Aklufi said that the death is being investigated as a possible homicide and that Mann had texted 911 in the Uber, but didn’t respond to authorities’ attempts to follow up. “It was a gibberish text maybe and then he didn’t respond,” Aklufi commented. “It’s just another thing that we’re going to be looking into.”
Mann was last heard from by his fiancé, Jason Abate, the night before his disappearance as they went to bed. The two were in a long distance relationship in California and Michigan, and they were set to get married in June 2022. Abate told Dateline that he is “absolutely devastated” after hearing about Beau’s death. “I have so many questions and no answers.”

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