Krish Sets Up for Success at Berkeley

By: Esha Bagora

Public Relations Manager

On June 9, senior Devon Krish will leave Los Gatos having left his mark on the school, graduating as a committed researcher, award winning-scorer, and star volleyball player. As he’s sampled these various streams, Krish’s commitment to bettering each field he enters is evident in all of his work.

Throughout high school, Krish passionately  pursued independent and lab research in computational neuroscience. Working in the Kleen Epilepsy Lab at the University of California, San Francisco, the senior studied how epilepsy affects memory and cognition through analyzing patient’s seizures and brainwave activity. This past summer, Boston University selected him to help develop brain stimulation technology to combat nerve pain. 

Krish has also pursued research through the Advanced Science Research (ASR) class at LGHS. In ASR, he has worked on projects such as optically manipulating neuron pumps to treat seizures in microorganisms and even developing artificial intelligence technology to prescribe music to improve mental health. Krish commented,“I love how the class enables you to contribute meaningful research to explore your passions.” His efforts have culminated in seven research publications in leading, professional neuroscience journals.

This fall, Krish will be studying bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley’s esteemed College of Engineering. He chose the field as he “think[s] the future of medicine, especially brain sciences, is in tech.” Krish elaborated: “I want to be able to continue researching and creating new technologies to understand the brain.” 

Beyond the brain, Krish has also gained a passion for the arts with film scoring. While he plays six instruments, his “greatest interest is in writing music for movies and [he plans] to minor in music.” The senior most notably scores student films directed by his brother, a rising junior at Emerson College. Recently, Krish wrote the orchestral score for the film Figgs’ Very Merry Christmas (2022), which received an astounding two EVVY-award nominations: the equivalent of the Oscars for undergraduate films. He recounts that, “funny enough, while [he] needed one month to write the score – which featured over 60 instruments, when filming ran way behind, [he] was only given three days.”

At Los Gatos, Krish has led the Varsity volleyball team as a team captain. Having played as a libero on Varsity for three years, he has “learned to love digging and diving, despite the hip damage.” He particularly loves “creating friendships with new players, as well as bonding with teammates he’s played with for seven years now, since Fisher.”

Krish will be missed at LGHS next year, as he leaves behind a great legacy of groundbreaking studies and research, impactful film compositions, and volleyball leadership.

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