An Shows Her Dedications to her Clubs and Schoolwork

By: Linda Wang

Humor Editor

In nearly any academically rigorous setting at LGHS, you might hear senior Rebecca An’s name thrown around as a project leader or officer. As a student in five AP classes, an officer of four clubs, and a worker at two part-time jobs, An is a teammate, leader, and creator who consistently challenges herself in every community in which she’s involved.

An continues to push herself in her workload during her senior year with her AP Chemistry, AP English Literature, AP Government/Econ Honors, AP Japanese, and AP Calculus BC classes. “My favorite class would be AP Literature. It’s definitely one of the more difficult ones, but Ms. [Paris] DeSoto is such an awesome teacher, and we get to do Zumba and struggle through the senior research paper and AP tests together.” When asked about how she balances her coursework and extracurriculars, An responded, “Organization is key, definitely. Having an organized schedule and a to-do list every day really helped me. If you have enough energy for it, managing your time in ways such as properly setting aside maybe like an hour to do this homework or accomplish different tasks is one of the most helpful things that I discovered this year.”

In addition to her classes, An involves herself in clubs around campus. An is the Editor-in-Chief for the Wildcat Review, president of the A Piacere performance group, a secretary for the Japanese National Honors Society (JNHS), an officer and creator of the Japanese Culture Club, and a member of the K-Pop Dance Club performance group. To name only a few of these clubs’ impressive events, JNHS hosts a Haiku Holiday Film Fair every spring, a schoolwide cultural event including art competitions, movie showings, and alumni messages; the Wildcat Review takes student-submitted pieces every season and publishes them in a printed magazine; and A Piacere performs in local concerts at senior centers and other events related to the music program. An reflected on her aptitude for leadership, stating, “[Leadership is] communication and being very clear to your officers about what is expected.” An added, “In addition to being a leader, it’s also knowing when to step back and collaborate with others. It’s important to learn how to share and divide the work amongst other officers and members.”

At the end of the day, An still devotes herself to hobbies outside of her hectic schedule. In her spare time, An enjoys carefully crafting resin keychains, printing hand-drawn stickers, or piecing together jewelry for friends or for pocket change during her spare time. An also creates digital art which she occasionally posts online.

When asked for a piece of advice, An suggested, “Definitely find something that you genuinely love to do or that you’re passionate about. And even if that doesn’t really work with your academic schedule…try and find little moments of time in the day where you can unwind, relax and get a little bit ahead of that project that you’ve been working on.”

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