Jacques Prepares to Pursue Theater

By: Ainsley Northrop 

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Senior Esme Jacques dances through life, constantly perfecting her theater skills. As an avid musical theater performer and a friendly face on campus, Jacques brings joy to those around her. Los Gatos High School students are sure to miss Jacques once she embarks upon her college journey at The New School in New York City.

Jacques made the shift to focus on theater as a freshman. She explained: “When I came [to LGHS] I didn’t know a lot of people, so it was kind of just a community to join.” Since joining the program, Jacques has emerged as a leader, and she detailed,“Last year I student-directed a one-act [play] called Outside the Box that was written by a couple of alumni.” She continued, “It was really fun. I co-directed it with [senior] Tommy Wilkens…I liked getting the opportunity to be kind of behind the scenes.” 

In addition to her blooming love for theater, Jacques has been dancing for nearly her whole life. She explained, “I did ballet ever since I was four until I was like fourteen, and then I stopped to do theater.” Despite her commitment to theater, Jacques continues to dance despite her busy pre-college schedule and said, “I started taking open classes at my old ballet studio this year. That’s really fun because it’s super easy and not a lot of stress.” 

Recently, Jacques added a new activity — choreographing — to her already impressive resume. This year, Jacques made her choreographing debut as one of the choreographers of Lion King Jr. at Fisher Middle School. Jacques particularly enjoys crafting original dances for the kids and finds joy in teaching them. “I love to dance, so it’s cool to be behind the scenes and really listen to the music and figure out what all the kids can do…It’s a little bit stressful, but I like it.” When asked how she comes up with her dances, she said “sometimes [I think of it] on the spot, but I also like to listen to the music, and I look up videos to get inspiration.”

This year, Jacques has spent a large portion of her time on her college auditions. “It was a lot more work than just a regular application process because I had to get monologues and songs and dances and film all of that.” Jacques worked countless hours with various coaches to select pieces that showcased her skills, and she even collaborated with a coach to create personalized dances for her auditions. Despite the stress, Jacques’ hard work paid off, and she is excited to attend The New School in the fall. She is extremely happy with her future school, and she elaborated that “[New York is] like my favorite place ever, ever since I was little.”

Soaking up her last moments as a high schooler, Jacques enjoys going to the beach, spending time with her beloved friends, and traveling with her family. Looking back on her years at LGHS, Jacques emphasized the fun she has had in classes such as Drama and AP English Literature and Composition, and she will miss the fun memories she has made here. Jacques’ future is bright, and she is excited to see what the next years of her life have in store.

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