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Student Art Sale

by Maddie Abene

Web Editor 

It’s finally here! The first ever student art sale is going to take place Jan. 8-11, 2015, at the JCOS Place for Fine Art, 45 Santa Cruz Ave. This fundraiser is being held by a team of art docents constructed from the Art Docents of Los Gatos and the Jr. Art Docents of Los Gatos Club at LGHS. The first two days of the sale will be private for friends and family only and then will open to the public Saturday, Jan. 10, and Sunday, Jan. 11.

All students are encouraged to submit one to three pieces to be sold. The deadline for all artwork submissions is Thursday, Dec. 18, by the end of the school day. The pieces must be brought to Mr. Smith’s art room, Room 502. Each submission must be on a museum-quality canvas with dimension of 11×14, 16×20, or 25×30. 80% of the proceeds from each individual painting will go towards the artist and the remaining 20% will go to funding the Art Docents of Los Gatos. If you are interested in submitting your art, visit artdocents.com or contact the event advisor Michelle Abene at wow123@mac.com for more details.

This event is a huge step up for Jr. Art Docents. Last year, one of the most pivotal moments for the club took place at the Los Gatos Art Museum, where the art of Los Gatos High School students was put on display for the community alongside some of the best artists’ work in the area. Jr. Art Docents also helped to raise $800 last year by creating and selling collaborative art projects through fundraising. Jr. Art Docents Club continues to grow and evolve. According to club vice president Taylor Royan, “the Jr. Art Docents are expecting to raise at least $2000 this year.”

The Art Docents serve the purpose of teaching people young age the importance of art in self exploration; the objective of the Jr. Art Docents is to instill the desire to continue to learn more about art during adolescence so that we can all learn more about ourselves.

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