Krish leads the way with her many talents

By: Esha Bagora

Public Relations Manager

A name you may have heard over the afternoon announcements in these past few weeks, freshman Sophia Krish has taken Los Gatos High School by storm. As a dual-sport athlete and a budding musician, Krish is a woman of many talents. 

Krish started off the year by exploring the Los Gatos Girls’ Freshman Volleyball team. It was her first time trying out volleyball, and she explained that she was inspired to join because her “brother [had] been playing volleyball for years, so [she] always played with him for fun in [their] backyard.” She elaborated, “Since I just joined the high school, I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet new people and get involved right away.” Furthermore, Krish has always valued the social aspect of the team:  “I really enjoyed making new friends while spending quality time with close friends as the season went on.” The volleyball team also gave her the chance “to sing the national anthem for some of [their] home games,” and showcase her musical talent.  

In addition to being an athlete, Krish has been singing, dancing, and acting onstage since fourth grade. At the LGHS talent show Friday Night Live, she sang a duet with her brother, senior Devon Krish. She described the performance as “a really special moment with him before he leaves LGHS.” Krish feels at home in front of an audience, singing with friends and to her dog Rusty. 

Another one of Krish’s crowning achievements is her success in softball. After spending 11 years in the sport, she debuted as one of the junior varsity team captains. She mentioned, “Ever since I’ve started playing, I’ve found a true connection to this sport. Not only has it taught me the importance of teamwork and communication, but softball has always been an outlet for me — I know I can go on the field and forget about everything else for a couple hours while I’m playing ball.” Krish leads both her school and club teams as a pitcher, centerfielder, and a shortstop. Unfortunately, she spent the beginning of the season recovering from bursitis in her shoulder. She stated, “[The injury] required me to modify my practices and took a lot of strength training and physical therapy to improve. It made me appreciate the sport so much more, and I am so grateful that I’m now on the road to recovery.” 

This year, Krish has put countless hours of work into the LGHS leadership class and recently launched her campaign to run for sophomore class president.  Her commitment to leadership stems from an interest in “wanting to get more involved with the school and make a positive impact on the lives of my peers.” She added, “My favorite part about leadership is connecting with upperclassmen. I’ve learned so much about our school community and how we can move towards positive changes.” 

Not only is Krish dedicated to bettering the LGHS community, but her academic drive is also one to admire. Krish recently won the school-wide Poetry Out Loud competition and placed second in the county finals. Watch out for Krish dominating academics, athletics, and music over the next few years of her high-school career!

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