Browder Dances Through the Year

By: Sarah Gouldrup

Humor Editor

It’s a fish! It’s a mermaid! It’s… freshman Chiara Browder zooming by in the LGHS pool as she completes her first tryouts for the LGHS swim team! This swimmer’s talents aren’t limited to the pool;  Browder also exhibits exemplary talent both in the classroom and on stage. 

In her first year at LGHS, Browder’s course schedule includes classes like Geometry, French 2, and Fashion Design, with the latter being her favorite. She explained her love for the class: “I have a lot of friends in the class, and it is something I really like doing. There’s a lot of creative freedom.” While she’s enjoyed her classes so far, Browder is looking forward to unique subjects offered next year such as AP Japanese and AP European History. 

Browder began swimming three and a half years ago, and she cannot wait for her first LGHS swim season to start. She recently stopped competitive swimming due to her desire to pursue dance at a higher level, so she is excited and ready to jump back in. When describing what she loves about the sport, Browder emphasized that “it can be kinda boring at times, but it is still really fun. I love swim meets because you’re with all of your friends all day, and you get to cheer people on and all your friends cheer you on. Overall, it is a really fun environment.”  Look out for Browder to tear up the pool this spring as she tackles her first year on the team.

In addition to her swim career, this is also Browder’s first year on the LGHS Varsity Dance Team. While she is only a freshman, Browder quickly stood out, consistently putting in hard work and demonstrating her dedication to the sport. Currently, the team is halfway through basketball season, but Browder expressed that her favorite part of dancing for the school is performing at football games, which occurred earlier in the year. She likes both the performing and technical aspects of dance, so dancing on Helm Field was a fun opportunity for her. Outside of school, Browder also dances for the competition team at West Valley Dance Company: “Our first competition is in a couple weeks, and I’m really excited for it. This is my fourth year dancing, but my first year competing  so it’s also kinda nerve wracking”. 

When she isn’t practicing or rehearsing, you can find Browder hanging out with her little brother or occasionally showing off her 11 years of piano skills. That’s right, Browder’s secret talent includes her affinity for classical music, which she showcases with her impressive command of the piano.  Whether she’s on the stage or in the pool, there’s no denying Browder’s commitment to her passions.

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