Future Trojan Maggie Bell Highlights her Outgoing Personality and Determination

By: Georgia Kaufman

Opinion Editor

A self-proclaimed “G,” LGHS senior Maggie Bell could only be described as bold, outgoing, and motivated.  Prioritizing her mental health, physical health, and vigorous social life, Bell’s character is certainly one to acknowledge and admire.

Bell enjoys spending her free time reading, and admitted that COVID was the thing that initially got her into such an intellectually-inclined activity. She mentioned, “I started reading a little bit before COVID struck, but once it hit, I had so much free time…since I didn’t get to see my friends and didn’t really have much to do.” In addition to hitting the books for pleasure, Bell has taken a plethora of AP and Honors classes throughout her high school career, including AP French, AP Biology, AP Government/Economics H, and AP Statistics — all of which she is taking this year. Bell’s overachieving school schedule may have factored into her acceptance to USC, which she plans on attending in the Fall. “Fight on. Go troj.”

Bell rowed for Los Gatos Rowing Club from the end of eighth grade to the end of her junior year. Ultimately deciding that continuing with the rigorous sport was contributing to a subtle decline in her mental health, Bell professed that “it was really hard at first. I made the decision to not row in college before I made the decision to quit…at that point I knew it would be better for me to change my current lifestyle to develop my own routine before college.” 

Building her funny-gal reputation since she was little, Bell’s humor is nothing short of marvelous. She shared an anecdote to prove her aforementioned “boldness:” during freshman year, she called friend and fellow LGHS senior Chase Hinson desirable in front of her whole class. “That, I would say, represents my boldness pretty well.” 

Despite her outgoing personality, Bell takes all things mental health very seriously, developing a sincere “everything always happens for a reason” mentality. She mentioned, “right now my mantra is ‘everything is always working out for me’…even if things go badly in the moment, it always ends up working out in the end…if you don’t [initially] get what you want, 

Whether she is speaking to friends, distant relatives, or even friends’ distant relatives, Bell’s ability to connect with others on any occasion perfectly captures the type of person she is. This senior always has something on her mind, and will not fall short of telling you about what is currently happening in her life. However, to no one’s surprise, Bell is also a friend who listens with full attention and intention. Bell is the type of person people should want to be friends with; so, if given the opportunity to become more than an Instagram follower, one should take that chance.

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