Liu Recommends Dupes

By: Nadia Liu

Public Relations Manager

If you’re active on TikTok, you’ve almost certainly seen one of newly-crowned “It Girl” Alix Earle’s (@alixearle) “get ready with me” videos. Since her rapid rise to fame, Earle’s product endorsements have sold out in Sephoras across the country. If you weren’t able to get your hands on her beloved Benefit mascara or Charlotte Tilbury lip liner, here is my list of must-have products for an even better makeup routine:

  1. Sandpaper: Instead of scouring the shelves of your local Sephora, make a quick trip to the closest Home Depot to pick up a couple sheets of sandpaper. Better than any serum or foundation, a few quick swipes will make your complexion smoother than silk! If it works on wood, it’ll definitely work on your face. Just ignore the initial burning sensation; beauty is pain, after all!
  2. Water from the Fountain of Youth: Although admittedly a little off the beaten path, it’s still a product easier to obtain than Earle’s recommended Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream; the face cream is technically classified as an endangered product and there are very few left in their natural environment: a Sephora. The fountain water is also an anti-aging product, but it has significantly more benefits. With just one spray of the fountain water, instead of just looking younger, you will actually be younger! It’s truly a miraculous step to add into your daily routine. 
  3. The Sun (skip the sunscreen): Earle’s makeup routine includes the Rare Beauty blush, which is even more elusive than the Javan Rhinoceros (there are 76 rhinos left in the wild, far more than the sold-out liquid blushes). If you want to get that rosy look, but couldn’t get ahold of the Selena-Gomez-created blush, try getting a daily sunburn for that classic sun-kissed blush look! Despite its potentially cancer-causing effects (a small price to pay), this method is both more accessible and less effort.
  4. Sharpie: Earle uses many pen-like items in her makeup routine: eyeliner, eyebrow gel, a contour stick. To save both money and time, replace all these products with a 3-in-1 Sharpie. Now, your makeup won’t come off in the rain or when you cry in the movie theater. In fact, your makeup won’t come off at all. All the better for your open-casket funeral!  
  5. Boys: Nobody is closer to the current beauty standard than Transformers and Jennifer’s Body star, Megan Fox. In Jennifer’s Body, Fox acts as a girl who turns into a succubus and feeds on boys to give her powers and maintain her beauty. If your beauty isn’t apparent after my recommended products, you can always go down the Jennifer Check route and try a sacrifice to the devil. Otherworldly beauty for the price of some boys? Clearly the right decision. 

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