Duvall Reminisces on School Memories

By: Emily Duvall

Opinion Editor

As my time at Los Gatos High School slowly comes to an end, I am constantly looking back at my time and memories here, while savoring my last few months. There are numerous monumental events that took place over the last four years, and flashing back to some of them never fails to make me laugh. Although I could go on for hours, here are just a few highlights of memories that I hold near and dear to my heart. 

Mr. Buchanan standing at the top of the New Tech Building during Sadie’s 2022: This may be one of my favorite moments. One second, everyone is dancing at Sadie’s trying not to freeze in the New Tech Quad. Next, someone tells me to look up to the building, and there he is: Mr. Buchanan, standing in his huge coat and peering over the balcony to keep an eye on everyone. It was the sweetest and most pure thing to see, and everyone knew that we were all going to stay safe because he was there.

The PG&E Power Day in 2019: This day now reminds me of the days off we just had because of the power outage at school caused by the recent storms! I vividly remember one of the popular LGHS meme accounts posted about how this was the most California thing that could ever happen because we don’t get what other schools across the country get, like snow days or weather days. We get power and smoke days! Also, I remember getting a daunting email saying school would reopen even without power, and admin encouraged us to bring flashlights. Luckily, that didn’t happen, but it being an option in the first place was interesting, to say the least.

Any day of online school in the 2020 Spring Semester: This was a time. I’ll preface this by saying I have major respect for the teachers during this time because it must have been awful. It was quite amusing how chaotic the classes were and how little of a schedule there was. Teachers were constantly switching between Zoom and Google Meet, trying to find the superior way to host a class. Some teachers said screw the whole meeting idea; let’s assign all of the rest of the work for the year at once, and finish it when you do! It really was something to see.

The first fire alarm in the 2021 Fall Semester: To be honest, I do not remember exactly what day this was. But, that is the least important detail of this event. This first fire alarm was the beginning of a new age. Practically every month following had a fire alarm; sometimes, the months were lucky enough to get two or even three! We were so naive. This was no normal fire alarm. It was the start of not being surprised by the fire alarm, just flat out annoyed. After these episodes became the norm, kids would simply just keep sitting in class as the alarm would go off, and honestly, mad respect for those kids.

I bet there will be more memorable events taking place in the next few months, but as of right now, lots of great content has come out of my four years at Los Gatos.

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