Bryant blocks all the shots

By Emily Duvall and Kate Gruetter

Opinion Editor and National/World Editor

Freshman Cora Bryant is anything but ordinary inside the classroom, on the soccer field, and throughout all other parts of her life. While only in her first year at LG, she is already making her mark by being the sole freshman on the Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team, as well as by bringing her bright personality to campus. Whether Bryant is working out, studying for her classes, or training on the soccer field, she always has a smile on her face.

Bryant began playing soccer at the age of six, but she tried numerous different positions on the field before she found her love and talent for goalkeeping. Goalkeeper for only two years, she competes at the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) level for soccer with the Mountain View Los Altos (MVLA) Soccer Club, known for teams that are some of the best in the country. Bryant described her love for her MVLA team, “All of the girls on my team make it such a good environment to be in, and if you’re ever down, and they lift you up; we’re all like sisters.”

Bryant spends most of her week at club soccer practice or with her goalkeeping trainer when it is not high school season. She mentioned, “Coaching legend Bob Joyce was my first keeper coach and inspired me to stay positive while I trained alone through the many COVID months. That was the beginning of my love for being a keeper.”  Proving her dedication to the sport, her club team, and now the high school squad, Bryant explained, “I trained alone with him sometimes in 110 [degree] plus heat and smoke from the many fires.  There are very few special players, the rest of us just put in more work than the next player.”

The freshman couldn’t have done it alone, however, and stated that her parents are some of her biggest supporters. “My biggest cheerleader is probably my dad,” Bryant acknowledged, “He’s always there; he’s always at my games.” As far as heroes go, Bryant admitted, “Hope Solo was my biggest inspiration. For such a long time. And she still is, even though she doesn’t play.” 

This goalkeeper is a player who you should definitely watch: whether she’s defending the goal for MVLA or representing the freshmen class on Varsity soccer, she’s sure to give a stellar performance. If you’re worried about missing her in high school, Bryant assured, “I do want to go into playing in college.” In the gym or on the field, the freshman works for this dream, which makes her a player to appreciate, watch, and most importantly, draw inspiration from. 


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