Moloney excels with his art

By Brendan Moore and Margo Rawlings

Sports Editor and News Editor

Sophomore Osha Moloney quickly adapted to the high school environment at Los Gatos High School. Moloney stars on the basketball court playing on the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team, as well as taking his academics seriously, demonstrated by his excellent grades.

Since Moloney started playing basketball in fifth grade, he has developed his impressive skills on the court. Last year Moloney began his varsity career as the only freshman on the team. Looking ahead to this season, the team kicked off their season in the Sportsmanship game against Valley Christian. Moloney started in the team’s season debut, and when he was asked about expectations for the season, he said, “I think we have a lot of potential as a team. I’m really excited for this season because I think we have a chance to maybe win the league and maybe go to CCS and win that as well.” 

Moloney sets big goals for his basketball career, most notably his dreams of playing collegiate basketball at Pepperdine University. Along with basketball at LGHS, Moloney keeps his determined mindset of getting better outside of school by playing Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball and attending shooting practice before school.

Not only is Moloney a talented athlete, but he is a stellar student as well. This school year, he challenges himself by taking two honors classes and an AP class. Moloney explained that although he really enjoys science, he finds himself unchallenged in regular chemistry. He noted, “I thought it was going to be like in movies where they blow stuff up, but it’s actually much more paperwork than you would think.” Moloney even envisions himself combining his two passions, sports and science, to study sports medicine in college. Aside from chemistry, Moloney works hard in AP European History and Honors English — two of his most challenging classes — to maintain his impressive 4.3 GPA. He plans to keep a vigorous schedule going into his junior year, taking AP Physics, AP Literature, AP U.S. History, and  Trigonometry/Pre Calculus Honors. 

Among Moloney’s many accelerated classes is one of his passions: art. When asked why, Moloney responded, “I like art because it lets you express yourself. It’s just fun to design stuff and just put a lot of work in something and see it pay off in the end.” 

Moloney’s other hobbies include going to the beach, walking his dog Enid, and watching his favorite TV show, Community, or movie, Nope. Regardless of whether you find him on the basketball court or in the classroom, Moloney serves as a great role model for all of his teammates and peers.

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